The Wearing Of Rubber Pants

I believe we "the Rubber Pants Wearing people" all have had somewhat the same thing happen and that is, that at some point in our lives we were sexually aroused while wearing "Rubber Pants", perhaps as a child or a young person, and when this haunting mental addition hits, it is "our" addiction to that first or early time in life of a feeling of a "sexual surge" we had when wearing rubber pants, that hits our brain, like a herion addict his first time is the best, they say thier Highs are never as good as the first time, well maybe not the same for us rubber pants wearers, I still seem to get mental relief, but not the same phyical relief or satisfaction that I had in my younger days. My **** use to become fully erect as I was pulling up those Playtex rubber pants up my legs, I some time had to get off in ten or fifteen seconds after putting on , I felt so stimulated and naughty and what the hell it was only me. No one had to understand just my secret. It sure felt good, and to this day I still enjoy waering " my secret" pants and still think, what if that cute girl there knew I had them on , would she laugh, love it, or "what would think, maybe she had that same thing, a secret.

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1 Response Jul 17, 2010

I agree, to a certain extent, with what you say. My own fascination with rubber pants and mackintoshes began when I was 3 years old. It was just a beautiful feeling of having cool rubber on my skin. Sex and rubber came much later. Possibly it's down to the age difference. When I was a small child everything waterproof was rubber - pants, raincoats, gloves, sheets, and aprons. A world of rubber and I loved it, but sex was not part of that world until I reached puberty. By that time everything was plastic - which I'm not into at all.