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Diapers and Rubber Panties Keep My Bed Dry

I have been in cotton flannel diapers and latex rubber panties since I got married. My wife wanted me to wear them so we could sleep in the same bed, which was important to us. I had confided to her that I was a life-long bedwetter, but that I had not worn diapers since my parents stopped having me wear them when I was almost seven. She asked me if I remembered what kind of baby panties I had worn then, and I told her I had distinct memories of being put in cloth diapers and Playtex rubber panties. I also told her I had good memories of wearing them, and had begged my parents to let me continue wearing them because I wanted to be able to sleep in a dry bed. But I was not permitted to wear them again (except at a summer camp the following year), and as I got older I became accustomed to sleeping without any protection.  (I am embarrassed now to think about that.)

My wife wanted my return to diapers to be as stress-free as possible, so she made a concerted effort to find places that sold adult size rubber panties. She wanted it to be as close as possible to the experience I had fond memories of as a boy. From the beginning, I have been diapered by my wife. We experimented with plastic, natural rubber, and latex, and I prefer latex panties because they do the best job of keeping me dry when worn over my thick cloth diaper. I wet heavily every night, and I don't have a problem with leaks. Being able to wake up in a dry bed makes it possible for me to feel good about myself as a bedwetter.
JDWinGA JDWinGA 61-65, M 3 Responses Oct 21, 2010

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when I was first dating my wife, she told me i could sleeo over at her apartment if I slept on her sofa, well we had gone out listening to music and had to much to drink and I passed out on her new sofa and later that night while I was passed out i wet all over her new sofa. I thought she was going to be really med the next morning, buty she took it al in stride and teased me that little sissies that wet the bed could not be tyrusted and would have to wear diapers and rubber pants to bed. I laughed it off but a few weeks later when she asked me to spend the night at her place again, she took me hand and led me back to her bedroom and told me that she had gotten some "things" for me. She had me lay on her bed where she then proceeded to take off my pants and boxer shorts. I was embaressed but liked where this was all heading so I played along. She then went ot her closet and brought out some cloth diapers and plastic pants ( which she calls rubber pants) some diaper pins and some baby powder. She had me lift my rear end up off the bed so should could slide some diapers under me and then she gently sprinkled baby powder ll over my crotch and gently rubbed it in to my skin. Next she pulled the thick bulky diapers up between my legs and pinned them on me and then she put my feet through the leg openings of the plastic pants and she pulled therm up over my plastic pants. She then took her finger and ran them around the leg openings of my plastic pants and the waiste to make sure my diapers were all safely tucked inside of my plastic pants. Then she took a pacifier out of her bedside table and put it into my mouth and pronounced her bedwetting sissy ready for bed. I climbed into bed beside her and she lifted up her nightie and took my head in her hands and guided my mouth to her breasts and she had me kiss and suck on her breasts as she gently massaged the front of my plastic pants until it caused me to dribble my sissy cummies into my diapers as she talked baby talk to me telling me what a sweet bedwetting sissy I was. Well I was hooked right there and then for life and I have been her diapered bedwetting sissy ever since ( going on 23 years now)

oh yea me too love the feel of wearing feels so good bed dry too

Good for your wife that she dealt with this in a stress-free & humane way. Those that make a big deal over something so simple just don't get that our time here is short and we need to love and encourage each other to be at ease in all situations, even bedwetting...