I Love Wearing Latex Or Natural Rubber Panties

I’ll will probably never know why, but I’ve enjoyed the feel and smell of rubber and latex since I was seven or eight years old. I’m now a young sixty-six year older, and continue to love the experience of putting on all different kinds of latex and rubber clothing. I love rubber pants, shirts, shorts. I also like to wear a diaper with my rubber pants – have 4-5 bottles of warm milk and pee in my diaper; the warmth is exciting. I have a full queen bed with an amber 20mil latex sheet on top. Under the sheet is an electric blanket which warms the rubber sheet. To lie on the hot latex sheet and ********** is too much. To say the very least, rubber panties and/or diapers and rubber panties are great. REALLY CRAZY
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At the same time I began experiencing peenie-stimulations when face-down on the bed, I began feeling and smelling the gum-rubber babypants...AND...explored the sensual appeal of Mom's<br />
and sisters Playgtex-latex girdles. When alone, I would tug on both the open and panty-style girdles, usualy favoring the open-bottom style for access and to keep my discharges from staining the<br />
fabric linings. THEN came discovery of Playtex-latex baby panties with their heavenly aroma, feel<br />
and s=t=r=e=t=c=h which accomodated my slender teen fr<x>ame...both in bed and beneath my<br />
big-boy pants like underwear. It wasn't long before I added Playtex-latex crib sheets to my secret<br />

Seems like we're on the same "basic" page of music

Oh I'm right there! Before I knew what sex or a woodie was I was rubbing my little peter with platex rubber diaper covers. Go figure. The smell and feel of latex drives me throught the roof. YES!

Isn’t that the truth – I never got too excited about baby dolls when I was young, but I sure found out (at about the same age 9-10) that my mom’s Playtex rubber girdle felt so good on my genitals. It was very smooth; kind of slippery and arrousing At about 12, my best friend showed me what ************ was all about. From that day forward natural rubber gloves (not lined) became an essential part of my life. After graduating high school and going to college, I went to an Army surplus store in Southern California. They carried rubber dry suits (made in Italy by perrelli) – I had to buy one. It was a soft light brown and very stretchable natural rubber. The pants came to just above the knee, but the top was full and with long sleeves and with a tight neck. Wow, I couldn’t wait to get to my room and try this wonderful smelling and soft garment on. It felt so good, and it probably took all of (2) minutes to shoot my ***. Eventually when I found that I didn’t invent this great fetish, I came across a German magazine that advertised all sorts of latex articles. That was it – I really went / and have been on a buying spree ever since – I can’t have enough of this stuff. Also, and for me, enemas using amber latex bags, tubing and (2) balloon retention enema catheter have become a part of my life. Further, I enjoy (now and then) putting on a pair of cloth diapers with rubber pants – Making 5-6 bottles of warm milk or water, and drinking them until I soak myself – The warmth on my shaved b*lls and co*k in invigorating. I’m getting aroused just writing this.

Same here!

YESSSS.....it is SO SENSUAL....the sight, sound, feel and aroma of rubber and latex baby panties, crib sheets, etc. as well as clothing items. It was at the age of 8-10 that I became "aware" of the<br />
sensual stimulation while playing dolls with my girl cousins. Their lifesize baby dolls were dressed<br />
in diapers and real rubber baby panties (probably newborn or small sizes) by my aunt. I could never resist touching and smellling the rubber or latex baby items around our homes.....and as puberty and wet dreams arrived, I was into my own protective rubber/latex goodies to wear and lie upon as I feel and smell them. I could never retire from these sensual pleasures !!!!!!!