Im A Guy Who Loves To Wear Rubber Latex Mens Underwear Under Everyday Clothes

I love wering rubber underwear,

i find the experience very erotic and satisfying in everyway. I once *** in my rubber pants i was that hot and horny over the experience whilst out around town. I totally love rubber underwear the sexual relief i have achieved since finding my fetish is amazing, the way it looks against my skin and how it stretches and shows all my curves makes me even more hot, try this stie guys very sexy and very hot outfits on here. I will not go back to normal underwear at all, i wear pvc underwear as well all the time and rubber most days under my work clothes and casual, it really is a huge turn on for me, i would love here from like minded guys who share the same experiences and tell me what they have felt also. Yes it may be kinky but i prefer it that way, why have normal boring underwear, when you can slip into a very sexy pair or pvc or rubber latex hipsters made for men, trust me guys its very very sexy and satisfying, and is becoming the norm everyday now. Give it a try and wear a pair some time for a day just to get an idea of what im on about and see if you get the pleasure of rubber also, i will confess my sex is totally at a different level now and i have my firmer erections than before and more often and is very hot feeling, i love sex yes but my love for rubber clothing is total i love it.
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I love to wear latex underwear also. I can't decide if I should wear it to work. I wear them around the house under my clothes and really love the feeling.

I think you should wear it to work. I did and it was a lovely feeling all day. As I live alone I have no problem with wearing latex most of the time. Quite often I will put on a complete latex outfit with a burqua on top and just sit and think RUBBER!

Most days I wear white rubber underwear under my ordinary clothing. I wear rubber pants and rubber bloomers. I also wear an all rubber urinal which grips my ---k and feels great. When I get home after work, I usually change into a full rubber suit and spend the rest of the day in it. Quite often with a heavy rubber apron on top, and later I will put on gloves, hood and gasmask, so that I am totally covered in rubber. I just love the stuff!!

Have you guys ever tried chlorinated latex? It's wonderfully slick inside and out - no need for lubes of any kind. Some firms call it 'eezee glide'. Since I discovered it I have all my latex chlorinated. It's changed my rubbering completely.

I tried chlorinated latex and I love it. I did it myself, but you have to be very careful not to breathe chlorine. The results were most satisfactory. As you say, It is slick inside and out and feels so much different from the semi-sticky feeling of latex garments. I don't wear rubber under my ordinary clothing except on rare occasions. Using the public bathrooms would pose a problem wearing a sheath on your penis. I also don't like the stimulation all day long. It could cause rashes or irritation on your skin.

I am 32 yrs old and work for a plumbing company. I too love wearing rubber clothes and boots. It makes me very hard. I also get erect while using a rubber plunger on sinks. Now adding the rubber shorts with a sheath for my **** really gets me off when using that red rubber plunger. I on most days have 3 or 4 calls that require plunging and when I take my shorts off at night there is a large amount of *** in my shorts. mike

me too barryboy56 i wear all the time love taking anal sex in em *** in my rubber pants feels so good too