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I Now Wet Myself Whenever I Need To Pee

I have had a fetish for rubber pants for 60 years. I remember pulling on some rubber pants when I was about five that my mom had out because she was pregnant with my younger brother. I forgot about that episode until I was beginning puberty and came across some panties my mom wore when she was having her period. I also found a rubber Playtex panty girdle that I wore off and on for a couple of years.

When I was in high school, I saw some rubber incontinent pants in a Sears catalogue. I ordered a pair for myself. Unfortunately, they arrived before my parents left for vacation and my dad opened them because we have the same name. My dad asked me if I had a fetish when I didn’t even know what a fetish was. I was referred to a psychiatrist. I managed to talk my way around the subject while in counseling and never learned much. It was never discussed again. My interest continued.

Finally, at the age of 18, I walked past a medical supply store, went in and asked if they had any rubber pants that would fit me. I bought a pair of Bittner amber rubber pants and have been hooked on rubber pants ever since.

I always hid my fetish and was only interested in wearing bare rubber against my skin, never with diapers. My interest and obsession with rubber pants ebbed when I was having plenty of hetero sex and felt good about myself. It came back strongly when I was feeling inadequate or insecure. My interest made me feel like I was defective, but I finally came to terms with it when I realized I could keep it private and I was not hurting anybody else. The guilt subsided.

Throughout college and after, I frequently wore rubber pants to bed (almost every night for six months) and often on long car trips when by myself. By the time I had met my wife, Bittner amber rubber pants were becoming hard to find. I managed to special order them from time to time and came across some even better rubber pants in a Portland medical supply store. They were from JK Perfect Personal Products and were made of heavy durable rubber in pink or white. I ordered and used these pants for over 20 years. It was during this phase that disposable adult diapers started to become commonly available and I bought some and started to use them.

I now wet myself whenever I need to pee. I am not in diapers 7 x 24, but I use them whenever I can, particularly at times when I expect it to be inconvenient to get to a bathroom. I am wearing diapers with rubber pants (never plastic) more now than ever. I am retired and have some prostate problems. It seems that if I just wet myself when I first have the sensation of needing to pee, I pass urine easier. If I have to postpone peeing, I get all stopped up and can’t pee. I prefer wetting my diapers to not being able to pass urine.

I have always favored tighter fitting rubber pants. Now that I am wearing diapers more frequently, I find that larger rubber pants over cloth or disposable diapers are more comfortable and give me a sense of confidence I need. Unless I am alone, I wear Tena or Depend disposable Men’s Underwear under Fetwear Day Cut rubber pants. If I will be wearing diapers for more than 2-3 hours and expect to have more than one “accident” before I can change, I wear a pair of cotton briefs over the disposable diaper to absorb any overflow which is contained by my rubber pants. If I am home alone, I wear Fetwear Night Cut rubber pants with pull on cloth diapers. They are bulky and obvious, which is why I wear them only when I am by myself. They absorb a lot more urine than disposable diapers.

I still like to wear rubber pants against my bare skin, but diapers are fun too. I have worn diapers for so many years I can wet myself anytime I need to pee (unless my prostate is misbehaving). I have to be careful not to forget when I am not wearing a diaper, so I don’t wet and embarrass myself.

westway westway 61-65, M 11 Responses Jul 18, 2011

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Didn't anyone notice your rubber pants whilst you were in dorms?
Was this the time you were getting ribbing about your dentures?

I also like the nightcut rubberpants from fetware and the heavy duty pull on cloth diapers. to paraphrase what rbbrpnts said your story is like mine too. thanks for the story it was a good read.

oh me too hook on them but i do have some plastic pants too they just feel so good on no reason just enjoy wearing i like too get kinky in em too you know yes i do it all the time love taking it anal in em.

ha it works for me love wearing too

ABDreamz............I've discovered something that may interest you. There's a company in Canada called The Woman in Me who make panties in mens' sizes. On the outside they're made of stretch satin. On the inside is ultra thin rubber. Nice idea don't you think?

i love too be anal f then i diaper up put my pink rubber panties on feel so good too

nice me the same way i started out taking toddler gerber rubber pants off clothelines till i got on internet i have over 300 pr vinyl/plastic/rubber panties all sizes.I like it when i poop out big hard poops i wear a pad then but other times i wear cloth diaper and rubber pants when i want too have lots of fun in em....

Try Fetisso "nappy pants". IMHO they are truly the cadillac of rubber pants. Tough like crazy, comfortable, molded rubber one piece. Colours, sizes, etc. Also varing thickness from some of their retailers.<br />
<br />
If you google images with the phrase "Nappy-Pants-von-Fetisso" you will find a few pics. <br />
<br />
The fetwaare pants, day and night, are actually made in Vancouver (Richmond, more precisely) Canada by an excellent outfit, Babykins. Likely a lot cheaper direct from them. They are totally cool about phone or internet contact at<br />
<br />
Enjoy, sunsoul.<br />
<br />
PS - I first bought from JK but all I recall them having was those cheap malaysian pants that would never have lasted 20 years. Have you still got the 20 year veterans?

It all works 4 me !!!

I think many of us have gone down this same path in life, which to me, is extraordinary. In my case, it wasn't necessarily rubber vs. plastic/vinyl, but just the plastic pants alone for a long time, long before diapers came on the scene. Honestly, it was mostly post marriage that diapers became a necessity because playing in plastic pants became a no-no.<br />
<br />
Ok, as for rubber pants, I did buy some from somewhere in the US that I found to be like wearing a balloon, and they tore easily - NOT GOOD. My favorite pants of all time were the Mark Clark "Plastic Pants", which Protex says had rubber on the inside. Maybe that's why these really were my favorite for as long as I could get them. Yes, they were kind of clinical looking, but they were so comfy as far as elastics, fit, etc. I used to oggle over them through a medical supply store that had them on a mannequin in the front window. It just wasn't fair! Eventually, I did muster up the courage to go buy them and was in Heaven for as long as that lasted. The med supply store eventually closed, with boxes of them still on the shelf. Sad.<br />
<br />
Here's a Protex link to those pants - NOT available anymore, sadly:<br />
<br /> <br />
<br />
We're birds of a feather...<br />
<br />

I sit here in total amazement and my amber rubber pants (overrnight skintone from myprotex). I have never seen a story identical to mine, Until now! We'probably make twin brothers...all the way from<br />
gum-rubber babypants to Playtex girdles & babypants to Bittner, Fetware & Protex....not to mention how<br />
diapers appeared along the way, and a prostate described as "mammoth" !!!

I wear rubber pants next to my skin, nearly all the time. I just love the feeling and smell of rubber. I am hoping to get some blomers from Fetware with a sort of vest *** shirt to go together, but am having difficulty with Fetware, they won't answer me when I ask how long before I can expect delivery. I just hope they have not gone out of business.

If you want a pair of rubber bloomers with a matching rubber shirt try Sealwear; I wear these, what I call my "bloomer suit" both in bed and around the house.

oh i would love too wear them to.