My New Wife Put Me Into Rubber Pants

Witghin three weks of being married (30 years ago) my wife told me that she was outtibng me into rubber pants because she was tired of handling my soiled underpants.She had discussed the problem with her mother and apparently  my mother in law had suggested the remedy They bothwent in  search of suitable pants  an d eventually bought me several pairs of pure rubber ones (not latex) I have had many many pairs since then and have changed from being revolted by them to loving them I find it very conveniens just to wipe them out with wrm water and  rinse them in cold water before putting them straight back on again. My mother in law  often asks if I am still getting on with them ad I tell her that  I love them now She tells me that I am a good son in law for wearing them without complaining because it makes my wife happy to see me in them They are replaced for me  by my wife or mother in law when they get too worn this ensures that I am always fresh and wholesome. I can strongly recommend rubber pants to any virile male

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your lucky

I also only like rubber pants next to my skin. If you don't wear them that way, why wear them at all? I'm not turned on by PVC at all. It belongs to another generation.

I'm not really sure it's all a generational thing. They say that it is, and it may be true that a majority went from wearing rubber pants, to plastic pants, to disposables, just because there's been that progression in what's available. But still there are a great many of us who love to wear articles of soft, smooth vinyl plastic, and there's no shortage of online vendors to cater to us.

I love rubber pants and am never without them, but I only wear them next to the skin. would like to hear from others who cannot live without rubber pants, and I mean rubber, not Pvc.

I'd love it if my wife put me into rubber pants. She doesn't care for them on me. I sneak them on during the day and when she is away.

I also had a similar experience when I was a boy. On wash day my mother would turn my underpants inside out to inspect them. If they were soiled my mother would make me wear rubber pants for several days to keep my underpants clean and to remind me to wipe my bottom properly when I went to the toilet. I started to enjoy this ritual and perposely would wedge my underpants between my buttocks to soil them.

Fantastic, me too, rubber pants are the greatest.<br />