I Live In Rubber Clothing

My big est problem right now is figuring out how to navigate this sight as I am a self taught computer user.

I am 83 but look 60 and have been into rubber all my life starting at about 3 when wearing rubber pants on a big white rubber sheet on bed.

If I get an answer on what to do I will write about  it.    tight girdle

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I live in rubber pants usually with a rubber vest on as well. I made a vow, this year, to wear<br />
rubber pants next to my skin for the rest of my life. Would love to talk to others who do the same.<br />
Am old enough to remember when people wore mackintosh and rubber clothing and it was not considered strange. As A child I wore a rubber lined mackintosh, trousers and souwesters<br />
whenever it rained. I wish rubber (not pvc) would return in a big way.

Indeed sunsoul. I think that they were old stock, already some 10 years old or more in 1961 or so.<br />
It was in the UK but the pants were identical to the circa 1950 Bittner Youth Pants shown in the museum section of the www.myprotex.com website. I guess I was just lucky so experience a pair!

Interesting, Krol. I would have thought even hospitals would have gone plastic by that time. Do you recall what the pants were like? Were they the Malaysian thin material with bands around the legs and waist like Bittner sold? God they must have made a killing on that not very durable product. <br />
<br />
Still curious about Jakepl's memories. Not many guys that age going on line. Pretty couragous of him. Figure he has to know about all there is in terms of rubber pre WW2.<br />
<br />
Please post again. I will keep an eye out.<br />
<br />
best for the new year - sunsoul

Certainly rubber pants were still around in hospitals and nursing institutions in the early 1960's.<br />
As a young boy at that time who developed a bedwetting problem, my mother, a nursing sister, borrowed a pair of rubbber pants from the childrens section of her hospital. She then mail ordered plastic pants for me and returned the rubber pants when they arrived.

Hope you manage to make it back here. There are very few people your age around who remember the days before plastic pants. I'd very much like to hear where you grew up and what you wore 83 years ago. Please write and tell us. I'm 62 now and honestly do not know whether what I wore was plastic or rubber. I like both. Just wish I could recall the details more accurately. But I knew I was attracted to rubber pants when I was three and a half. I "borrowed" a few pairs from my younger cousin when I was about 7 or 8 and started buying around the age of 12. Prices have gone up since then. Only with the arrival of the net did I discover that I was far from alone with this behavior. That was maybe 1993. Now it seems like half the world is wearing diapers. But for me it is still very much about the pants. After having tried just about everything out there I found Fetisso.com. The cadillac of rubber pants. They are so comfortable and secure you don't actually (from a functional standpoint) need a diaper under them. <br />
<br />
Looking forward to hearing more about your early years.