I Wear Rubber Pants

i wear rubber pants with a cotton liner when my diapers are gone . my mom makes me poop and pee in my rubber pants

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1 Response Feb 20, 2010

why does your mom make you poop and pee in your rubber panties? does she still diaper you too? does she make you poop and pee in your diapers also? how old are you?<br />
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i grew up always being diapered 24/7 by my mom. she never ever, allowed me to change my own diapers. i was almost 19 years old, when my mom passed away, and finally had to learn how to change my own diapers. heaven only knows, if she hadn't passed away, how many more years she would have continued to encourage me to wet and mess in my diapers, and forbidding me to ever touch them.<br />
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and since, i'm old enough to have been diapered and put in real RUBBER panties up until i was in my early teens, because plastic ones weren't invented yet. i've got a special intimate enjoyment from wearing rubber panties too.<br />
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needless to say, i've continued to enjoy wearing and using my diapers 24/7, all of my life!<br />
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