Latex Urinals

I hope that this note gets through my many mistakes. I seem to have forgotten my password multiple X's. I am a rubberist and I really like wearing all sorts of latex clothing. I presently am wearing a McGuire 7" rubber urinal and also have a 4" both of which I find extremely satisfying. From two points of view, first I love the feeling of being incased in the latex sheath, and two I find it much more satisfactory that I do not have to get up every 1 1/2 - 2 hours and go to the bathroom. I also have a DMI Mcguire style latex urinal and fiind it almost as good as the regular Mcguires. I noticed that there is another type the Urotex McGuire but I do not know if the sheath is removable or is perminently attached to the waist band. If there is some one out there that can help me please contact asap. Have a great day
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I wear a totally rubber urinal by Paynes caled Mark 3. It has rubber straps and rubber waistband and I wear it almost all the time. It is available on NHS if you are in the UK and your doctor agrees. My problem is, that I really only wear it for RUBBER pleasure as I am not incontinent, well maybe a little bit, mostly pleasure at putting on rubber.