Latex Love

I adore rubber latex. If I had my way I would wear latex 24/7. I like to wera female clothing because I guess that I am considered a cross dresser. I love the thought of a latex girdle because of the famous Playtex pink ice girdle of the 50's. I get up each morning and slip in to a latex skirt and often put on a latex urinal with a leg bag. I find it stimulating to put on the rubber urinal and to be albe to strap on the rubber lag bag. I often put a short dress on top of the skirt to cover the upper part of my body. I use the rubber to feed my fantisty and wear the rubber clothing as long as I can. I am married and my wife knows of my rubber love. She is very open minded and has accepted the fact I have a fetish for rubber but does not participate in my play time. She in years past did wear some rubber but not too often. I use the rubber to full fill my sexual fantasy and I ofen think that I am some kind of nut and try to rearrange my thinking but to no awail, I will go to my grave wanting to wear latex rubber. I hope that this finds some of you with similar fantasy. I love to read about other people that love to wear latex rubber. I love wearing the Mcquire rubber urinal and use it often. Peeing and feeling superior to those around me is fun and they don't know that the urine is trickling into the rubber penis container and then down the connecting tube to the rubber bladder. I get hard just typing this note have a nice day. Latex1937
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Since I got married some 46 years ago, my good wife likes to wear latex rubber, and I wear PVC, we indulge in sexual pleasure whilst wearing our our fetish garments, I have to wear pvc pants and a pad 24/7 because of medical reasons, my wife as excepted this because she said that its a thing that happens and cant be helped, she often insists that I wear a pair of rubber pants naked, so that I can feel the soft latex massaging my penis for most of the day, we often find a parking area where she can finish me off inside the pants, I bought a pair of double sheath pants when we were in Germany, they have a sheat for the penis and a sheath inside the pants to take a vibrator so can be placed inside yourself so you get the best of both worlds, I have often worn the pants to bed, with my wife massaging my stiff penis from the front and the other sheath up my backside with a vibrator going, is great.
I am interested in the latex urinal you mentioned, does the bladder hold much urine at a time, let me know, also where can I purchase one, it would beat wearing pvc pants and pads 24/7.

Hi Sounds like you and your wife are perfectly matched. I love latex rubber and have not tried PVC, I guess one fetish is enough. Germans seem to like latex rubber and I have purchased multiple articles of clothing from their stores. I think I have seen the pair of rubber pants that you mention and they really got my attention. You asked about urinals, and I only use the Mcquire latex rubber sheaths and they are fantastic. There are two types one of 7" in lenght and one 4"s. If you are using them to catch urine I would suggest that you also get one of the many bags that attach. They will hold 10 oz. in the smallest to 44 oz. in the largest. They also get you going and can be lots of fun. Have a great day Lates1937

Thank you for the info on Mcquire latex rubber sheaths I will look them up, they do sound like fun, with a praticle use as well, a friend of ours uses a butt plug and a pvc bag urinal devise to bed, he said it saves him getting up in the night, perhaps I will give them both atry except the Butt plug!..