In My Sister's Marriage!

Hi name is namratha. I am 23 year old.This incident happened before 3 yrs.I am white colored girl with beautiful structure. One day i went to my cousin's marriage and wore a black color saree.I have very large boobs and awesome buttocks and cute navel>3 .I sat in party.Suddenly one person named Vikram sat back of me and sexily staring at my navel.I became so afraid.Suddenly he came front and sat beside me.He talked with me.It is cool conversation between me and Vikram.I fall in love with him for that conversation.I gave him my number and house address.And the marriage is over......
From that day on wards i m going on thinking about Vikram.It is after 2 weeks.One day my parents and my sister went to Bhopal.I am alone at home.I remembered that Vikram said me that i am so beautiful in saree in marriage. I took red color saree. I wore my blouse without bra and wore saree 6 inches below.I decorated my navel with make up.I stood before mirror.I am just looking like a princess.I did this because Vikram is coming to home.Suddenly some one knocked the door.I opened. It'szzzz Vikram..!!!...I invited him inside.He started staring at my navel.I acted as if i don't now any thing.I poured wter on my saree myself and pretended as it is accidental.I removed my pallu. Vikram cannot control himself and came back of me and pressed my navel...i moared..Awwwwwwwwww!!!!..... Hmm... Heyy. He sat on his knees and started kissing my navel...smooching and pressing...It is like heaven...he took his hands and put on my boob and started pressing it.i moared...awwww....comeonnn Vikram.............he sucked my boobs like eating a mango..He kissed on my lips.And licked my navel.......It is an awesome experience....That whole night he continued doing this.I got bored.But he also want to go beyond the extent..he removed my my saree and licked my nipples..!!!!
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6 Responses Oct 18, 2012

good story some of ur naval n breasts pics

Hey ***** can u show ur navel pic

pl show some of urs saree below navel photos....

Even I like to expose my Navel in Saree , but afraid to do in public

you can do it....just drape the saree aesthetically.... it should not look as if u are trying to do it knowingly... others will definitely appreciate.

show your cute navel

please show your navel photo