First experience with Satin Panties

I think, I was 13 years of age 25 years ago.. My mother wore  satin and silken underwear and stockings those days. .She loved thin and smooth underwear. So I saw it on the laundry line and in the hamper. Sometimes I could not resist to feel the shiny fabric. Look at it and feel it. I sniffed around in her pantie-drawers. Once,I took a pair of  black satin panties from my mothers drawer and examined it in my bedroom. I played with it , let the fabric run trough my fingers and put it on. For the first time in my live I wore( big) satin panties. I *********** in in.I loved the feeling at my skin.  I became a satin/pantie fetishist.( possible for a girl ??) After that first  experience I could not resist  do it again. I "borrowed "panties  from my mothers drawer. I loved to wear and feel them. Later on I tried her stockings with a girdle. I became an addict for satin and silken lingerie. I also  love the tight feeling of a girdle. At first OBG,s and later on sometimes an all-in-one.I was happy my breasts began to show. I fancied the Bullet bra,s my mother wore very much as well.
Nowadays I wear satin,silk and girdles every day. Of course my mother noticed ( and not telling me)my "play "with her panties and bought some for me.  When  I was 16 I had a big collection luxury lingerie. I changed my white cotton girlie panties for satin,silken and lace panties.   Fleur
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YOU had a good mother and I agree.. It feels so awesome good!!

I was 10. I got a gift for Christmas that wraped looked like it could be a carton of cigarets. It was a box of DAYS OF THE WEEK nylon bikini panties of seven different colors, Satuarday black, Sunday white. My mom seen me with them, took them from me, and gave them to my older sister saying " must had got the wrong gift tag".
I would get them from my sisters dresser, wear them and put them back. Loved them! Silky bikini panties is all I wear.

Same as you, I'm a satin feish.My first experience with satin when I was 14. I saw my uncle was wearing white satin pajams. He's very handsome and sexy. I couldn't help myself to cuddle him and kiss him. He made me so horny when I saw him wore his satin pajamas walked around in the house. Since then, I addicted any satin or silk clothes. And I collect sexy silk pajamas, panties and nighties.