A Frilly Adventure While House Sitting - You'd Never Know What You Might Find.

My wife's friend an her husband were going away on vacation and a couple of weeks beforehand had asked me to keep and eye on their house. I agreed that I would call in everyday on my way home from work and switch the bedside lights on and call on my way to work and switch them off.

On the first evening I called I couldn't resist having a little peep into the draws on her side of the bed and was thrilled to find some very nice satin and lace knickers. Although my heart was pumping I knew I had to at least try them on. They were awesome...they felt so nice and soft against my throbbing D**k. I only wore them for a couple of minutes before my nerves and fear ( that someone might walk in) got he better of me ...So I removed them .. quickly folded them and put them back where I found them.

The next morning I left home early and made my way to our friends house to switch the bedside lamp off as agreed. On my way to the their house I was shaking like a leaf ..a mixture of excitement and nerves .. as I hatched a plan to borrow a pair of panties for the day and wear them to to work. I Chose a nice pair of Red satin ones with back lace trimming quickly slipped them on beneath my navy business suit.

That day in work was awful and (exciting at the same time) as I was full sure that I would get found out and that my colleagues would see me as some sort of a perv. Thankfully the day passed without be being outed ....The only blip was when One of my female colleagues asked me was I OK as she noticed that I had visited the men's room more often that usual... I told her that I thought I might have a kidney infection although the real reason my my frequent visits were so I could have a look and feel of the my secret panties.

By the time I had arrived at my friends house that evening I had already decided that I would do some more searching around to see if there were any more frillies. My search was not in vain as in another draw (on his side of the bed) I found a nice collection of suspender knickers, suspender belts, fishnet and sheer stockings.

In the following 10 days or so I tried on as may variations as possible and availed of a full length mirror in their bathroom to admire and pleasure myself .. while being very careful not to leave any evidence of my adventure.

They experience lead me to start assembling my own secret collection of satin, silk, frilly kickers and stockings. Since then I haven't looked back. Eventually I told my wife about my fetish and over time she has embraced it completely... I would have no hesitation in saying that my secret fetish has brought us closer together.

PS.... I still haven't confessed to my wife about my cheeky experience while minding her friends house :-)
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6 Responses Dec 2, 2012

I who have done what you did, very exciting stuff is lingerie, especially some one elses

I have my own collection of lingerie but in the past I used to wear my Mother' and Aunt's a lovely sensation.

Great story I've also been there and done that.Have fun and thanks for adding me.

great story, ive done the same, but i got soo excited the first time i came and had take the panties home to wash before returning them

Great story it is lovely to try on some ones lingerie, great excitement.

i'd like to keep and eye on their house to that would be fun to wear hers or his suspender knickers, suspender belts, fishnet and sheer stockingsand panties