Kintal, My First Plastic Baby Pants.

My fetish for plastic baby pants started when I was young, my earliest memory being at the age of six, being the eldest I had a ready supply up-to the age of twelve. I still have one pair from those days in pristine condition, the brand was Kintal.

I loved the feel of the baby pants, I had to wear them, at first it was not a sexual thing but one of comfort. I would go to sleep at night just touching myself, running my hands over the soft plastic. After a while I began having erections and playing with my self, this made the experience even better, although at the time I did not know about ************.

With the advent of disposable nappies the Kintal plastic pants disappeared and for a few years I had to let go of this part of my life. After starting work and getting my first computer with Internet access I found a company called Fetware in the USA. I eagerly ordered five pairs of the full cut "Ultrasoft" pants. Upon their arrival I opened the packet and to my joy they smelt and felt the same as my beloved Kintal brand. I quickly undressed and put a pair on. I spent the rest of the day wearing them. I went to bed early that night but it took some time before I could go to sleep.

I now wear my plastic baby pants every day, It's great to walk down the road able to feel the baby pants caressing my penis as I go. When I go for a wee I do not shake it but let the rest of the wee dribble out thus lubricating my plastic baby pants. After a while I can feel myself slipping about in them, I now have to careful about what I think of, as an erection is easily achieved.

I now possess some thirty pairs, mainly clear, some with a yellow tint.

More later.

Hello again to all you lovely Plastic Pant people. Thanks for sharing your experiences and the encouragement given.

Recently I enjoyed a visit from a friend, he has known of my fetish for leather and rubber for a long time, so on the first evening he visited we drank a few beers and I showed him some of my vast collection of pictures I've collected from the internet.

I asked if he minded if I changed into something more comfortable, the reply NO, so of I went. Upon my return I wore my plastic T-shirt and plastic baby pants with short latex gloves. After his initial glance he swung the chair around to really look at me I noticed his eyes fix on my groin, as the plastic pants were clear my erect status was clearly visible, he asked if I had any pictures on my computer like me. I stood close to the side of him and entered the password and opened my AB files, these contained pictures of Women and Men in plastic pants, some with a nappy and of course my favourite just plastic pants. I allowed my friend control of the mouse so that he could open any of the JPEG he wanted. I could no longer resist the urge, and thus began fondling my stiff erect member, the rustle of the plastic pants caught my friends attention and again he turned and looked at me.

Having his gaze upon my actions aroused me further and I soon reached the climax of my efforts, white slippery *** erupted, which i massaged into my Pe**s. My friend asked if I had a pair of plastic pants he could wear, I did not reply but went and fetched a pair for him, upon my return he was just removing his boxers so I knelt on the floor and guided his feet through the leg holes. I pulled the plastic pants up his legs to his waist and adjusted the leg bands. We continued to look at more pictures and this time it was my turn to watch his crotch.

I could see his member stiffening his left hand moved down to massage himself, I could see the pants were a bit dry so I suggested he let out some pee to lubricate the plastic pants, his shaft then slid up and down more easily within the pants. His hand actions became more fervent when we reached a picture of a man on his knees wearing only plastic pants and stroking his shaft whilst licking at the plastic panties of a lady also wearing a plastic bra, suspender belt and stockings. This time I watched as he reached his peak with slippery *** erupting into his plastic pants. After this we talked for a while, well mainly I talked as it was great to share my experience of plastic baby pants with another person up close and personal. I showed him to the guest room reminding him that I expected to see him in the morning still wearing his plastic pants. Whilst laying in my bed I could hear that familiar rustle of plastic so I indulged myself to another session. True to his word in the morning He came down stairs with an erect member in Plastic Baby Pants.

It's time for me to go and make myself  more slippery, I promise not to leave it so long to update my experience, Happy Plastic sessions to you all.


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15 Responses May 2, 2008

this story is the same for me wonderful feeling thanks for sharing

Hi love those kintal baby plastic pants, the memories that it brings back. I use to wear them as a young boy and teenagers. I just love them. like to be your friend and share Bruce.

a great story but i have done the same as you did when i bought my first pair of plastic pants when i got home i just did that put them on and the plastic felt so good against my skin and i got so work up that i came in my new plastic pants and love to enjoy it to this very day i could not live without my plastic baby pants

i don't feel so bad

I remember my first purchase of clear plastic panties when I was nine years old ! got them from the cute young girl that worked at the corner drug store , my heart was pounding as she noticed me opening the boxes of rubber panties and inspecting them for sizes ! she came over and opened more boxes of plastic-rubber panties and held them up to my waist to help me decide witch ones would fit me , I never made any stories up that they weren't for me because I was so nervous and scared , she even made a coment about how cute I looked in the short shorts that I was wearing and that if I bought a size smaller they wouldn't be noticable under my cute little shorts ... she finally opened up a box of clear bikini plastic panties and held them up to my waist and said I think these will fit you perfectly and look real cute on you and no one will be able to tell that you're wearing plastic panties under your short shorts although they might me able to hear them crinckle as you walk , she said let me take you back to the restroom in the back room to make sure that they fit ok before you purchase them , when we got to the restroom she said , if you don't mind after you get them on let me see you in them , so I tryed them on and they fit me perefectly , so when I opened the door the cute sales girl asked me to turn around so she could see how cute they looked on my cute little bottom , when I did , she said that I looked abosutely adorable in them .... she said go ahead and put your short shorts back on over them and I'll meet you at the cash register .... when I got to the cash register she asked me if I really needed to wear them or did I just like the feeling they gave me by wearing them ? I told her the truth and asked her not to tell anyone ..... she said the seceret was safe with her because she too liked wearing plastic panties and that she was also wearing a pair just like the ones I bought under her skirt ..I asked her if she would show me , so after she took my money , she looked around and noticed that no one else was in the store , so she pulled up her skirt and showed me her clear bikini plastic panties that were just like mine except that hers had pink lace around the legs , she said that she knows how to sew and added the lace so they would look more girlish .... she went on to tell me that she was going to college in the area and that she was from another state and that the falling winter quarter she was going to graduate with a degree in fashion design and that she also liked wearing plastic-rubber panties ever sence she was my age , so don't feel ashamed about your fetish and just enjoy it ...... this is a true story and sorry to say I never saw her again .... but have always wondered where she is and if she is still into wearing plastic-rubber panties ??If your her and reading this story , send me an e-mail ! I now call myself rubber panties boy !! e-mail me at ( ) this true story was written on 4-20-2010 !!

i like to wear see thrugh plastic pants.i also have plastic bloomers too

I have a you guys wear anything under the plastic pants? I have a pair of them, but wear them over my cotton panties or a diaper. That way I can pee and/or *** in them repeatedly without leaking onto my clothes. I have never worn the plastic pants only as they would seem uncomfortable.

the kintal were hypnotic. are robinson's thin and smooth and translucent? that's my memory of kintal. i wonder if it's playing tricks with me?

Yeah, hot story!

I love plastic pants too,but now I love pvc pants more

hi plasticbaby - Kintal? wow, they were my first love too. after 'borrowing' a few pairs from washing lines, i saved up my pocketmoney and "bravely" went into a old sewing & knitting shop. i had spotted the Kintal baby panties in the window. they had fluffed them open, so the legs were teasing me... like "don't you want to put me on?" i'd go by the shop many times, dawdle and look and walk on. i really wanted them. so my desire overcame my fear.<br />
it was winter and dark outside. the door had one of those bells on it, and it rang loudly when i entered. a woman in hair net was standing behind the counter and a friend in the shop was chatting with her. they both turned and looked at me. and it was like the best stories - they actually looked at me suspiciously and with the ironic, teasing half smile! what was a little 11 yr old boy doing in their shop?<br />
"what do you need?' she asked as if i shouldn't be there.<br />
"er, i've been sent to get a pair of the baby pants you have in the window..."<br />
the women decided to have fun with me. a bit of teasing.<br />
"ohh," she says "have you?" and they looked at each other. "what size do you need?" and they look at each other again. <br />
"er, extra large, please" (the largest they made, and i really, really hoped they'd fit me!)<br />
"are you sure? that's very big..." she said, and i heard it almost as if she had said "they'd fit you". both women looked at each other again,<br />
"er, yes, extra large."<br />
"well, how old is the baby?"<br />
"er, three... i think..." by now i was blushing beetroot red.<br />
"oh, and is baby very big? these are the largest."<br />
"er," blush, red, look at feet, be determined not to give up "yes, extra large. that what i was told to get."<br />
the lady fumbled under the counter and pulled out a small pack. it said Kintal Baby Pants - Extra Large. my heart pounded. i was so close.<br />
"do you mean these?" and she opened the packet and slooowly unwrapped them, put her fingers in the waistband and fluffed them open - right on the counter, just inches from my face. i must have been crimson. they both laughed. they were enjoying my humiliation.<br />
"well, if you're sure they aren't too big for you..." i froze. she knew. but i just blustered through.<br />
"yes, miss, extra large. that's what i was told to get..."<br />
she wrapped them back into the packet. the women were twinkled eyed looking at each other.<br />
"that'll be two and sixpence (about 50 cents in those days!)"<br />
i had the money in my hand and put it on the counter. she put the packet into a brown paper bag and handed them to me.<br />
"thank you," i said breathlessly.<br />
"you're welcome, dear. come again." this was a common phrase, and they wouldn't have known about double meaning in those days. but it was a dare for me to visit again.<br />
i took my first pair of Kintal plastic baby panties - extra large - and almost ran home, my heart pounding. i couldn't believe i'd done it. as soon as i got home i went to my room and within minutes i pulled them up my legs and felt them on me for the very first time...<br />
thanks for your Kintal memory. i hope this one finds you well.<br />
plasticpanties<br />
david<br />
ps: my profile picture isn't me, but a girl modeling nice panties from i'm a boy afterall.

Also take a look at They have real nice selection of plastic pants.

You should shop with PVC-u-like , an e-mail boutique in England. Enorm choice, and relative cheap!.


familiar story.i had a brother 5 yrs younger i would sneek into his room and take a pr of his plastic pants &wear them.momcaught me she decided to teach me a lesson & bought me a couple pr & made me wear them all the time!!! thanks mom been wearing them ever since