Into Plastic Baby Pants and Photo's

Hi, Just read your story, must have been a great time sharing your plastic pants with a friend, I can imagine how sexy that would have been for you.

I wear mine 24/7 and spend a lot of time looking for photos of adults and toddlers wearing plastic pants. these are a big turn on and makes wearing plastic pants even more erotic.

placky placky
9 Responses Dec 19, 2008

I do too look at toddlers in em but I wear em too just feels so good

HI, I've been a member for some time now, and keep meaning to contact you.
I also love collecting photos of babies and toddlers wearing plastic pants.I have collected hundreds of photos, and would love to trade with you..
I also wear plastic pants all the time....
Look forward to your reply....

check out my pics your love em just friend me ok

I wear plastic panties..been wearing them since i was 10 yo.<br />
I love to trade panty e-mail is: (

i love t feel ov rubbers around my **** mmmm

If you want to see Girls waring Plastic pants look up www.wellpadded .com . some of it is open to non-members , and the girls are beautifull . Im not interested looking at guys in Plastic pants .But reading the posts,i it looks like it mainly blokes who love to ware them ? .

E-mail me I'll send you some very hot looking pictures of me in my tight form fitting bikini plastic panties ........ I've got a real hot looking butt that looks even hotter in my baby plastic panties ....( )

Hi, I would like to share photos of people wearing plastic pants, but I have no idea how to upload photos,<br />

Id like too see other guys in tight plastic pants. Maybe placky could share some of his pics?