Clear Plastic Pants

I've been a couple other places and know some people prefer the opaque ones, but for me, nothing beats the sight and the total softness of clear plastic. It's a great way to see how wet and slippery they're getting! Anybody want to chat about them?

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2 Responses Mar 14, 2009

i wear clear polythrane plastic pants and like to wear with nothing under .whin i sit in the light i can see shadows of the wrinkels moving on my pants

colored ones are nice, but nothing beats a close fitting pair of translucent soft plastic panties. you not only see everything, but the soft thin plastic touches you everywhere. and when you get hot and sweaty the panties slip and slide and caress you so intensely it's ecstatic.<br />
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that's why loving plastic panties on their own is so different from wearing them with a diaper. i've only done that once, and it wasn't anyway the same. i wear pearly or translucent plastic panties for arousal, that's for sure. ;-)