I love sexy panties the sexier the better, don't know why many women wear boring undies those that do not arouse their husbands and make them look at others and those like me who dress sexy and hot. I have had several husbands who tell me I wear sexier panties, and things than most women they know also they know if they buy me some to wear for them I will and have been told they can take them home and they will be put in the drawer and never worn..
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This is so true. I think we appreciate panties much more than most women and we want the sexier pairs.

DOUBLE heart!


I've been an admirer of panties for many years. I prefer hi cuts in silk. I can't imagine not wearing delicate silky feminine panties. I was lucky that my first pairs were very sexy.

Omigosh, somehow I think WE all do, such a shame.....