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Growing up,I suppose I was always interested in dressing younger than I actually was but this didn't equate to wearing short trousers until I was allowed to stop wearing them for school. The rules were that boys had to wear shorts until they were thirteen and a half years old or 5 feet 3 inches tall. I was not particularly tall so I was over 13 when I reached the specified height and, like everyone else, was delighted to be allowed to shed this hated badge of junior status. The delight lasted about two weeks, when I found myself missing the feeling of fresh air around my bare thighs and looking enviously (and sometimes lustfully) at the younger boys in their shorts. From then on, I wore shorts when ever I could during the school holidays, often going out of the house with a pair under my jeans, which I removed as soon as I was out of sight of home. Being married, I don't get to wear shorts often these days but do so - inside and outside - whenever I can.

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3 Responses May 9, 2012

I remember one day in elementary school, I decided to wear shorts to school. I was told that shorts were not allowed. <br />
I wear my secret shorts under my jeans anytime I get a chance.

I never wore shorts at school either, nor the scouts, by then they were out of fashion. However I did buy a pair of khaki shorts to go with my scout shirt, and I bought them short and tight. Some years later I often wore them with the shirt when out walking and by then there were even tighter, and dangerously short. I still have them although they are fairly worn but if I'm going on a rough hike, where I might get wet and muddy, I put them on. They still feel really great.

It's strange how many didn't like wearing shorts when they had to, but once they stopped having to they found they wanted too.