Unexpectedly Back In Shorts

As explained in the previous story, I became a shorts fan when I was 13, and soon wore my old pairs secretly at home whenever I could. Then the summer after I was 14 my parents decided to take us on a camping holiday. A few days before we left, I was shocked to see several old pairs of my shorts newly washed and on the washing line. I asked my Mum why she had got these out and she said they would be just the thing for our holiday. So I spent most of the next two weeks in shorts that had been bought for me when I was 11. You can imagine that I had grown a fair bit in between, so they were very short and fitted quite snugly. In truth, these were amongst my favourite shorts to wear in secret but it was quite embarrassing to be wearing them in public, all day, every day. But it was also very exciting, and I spent much of that holiday trying to hide my erection (not easy in those shorts) and slipping off to the shower block several times a day to get rid of it!
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great story, don't think there is anything better than short shorts , love to wear them myself.

Like most 1950s schoolboys, I was in long trousers by14. However at age 16 we took a seaside holiday for a fortnight instead of visiting relatives and mum decided that for this I should be put back into shorts. Fair enough except as there was no money for new these were my uncles’s old tropical army ones, high-waisted, coming down to the knees, billowing out there hence the nickname Bombay bloomers by which these shorts were known. The bloomer like skirted appearance was emphasised by my tall skinny build. Worse, back home my mum decided that to save my school trousers, I must change into my Bombay bloomers for weekends throughout the summer months. I also had to wear them on a cycling holiday with a school friend the following summer. It was one of many humiliations my mum put me through in teen years.

my mum also made me wear short shorts. I now have mixed feelings about that.

Hi timothy,
I think I must have bought into the whole affair because I can remember dressing like this even in the first year after I finished high school and was at university. Still living at home but had a car that she bought me. That would have been 1981. So a degree of independance. She has photos of me in short shorts with long socks and a tight shirt when I was 19 or so and quite physically strong so it was not like she could have physically forced me if that makes sense but she still bought all my clothes even at that age.

I have been wondering how I broke loose because I lived at home until two years after I graduated from university and had my first job. I think I must have started to buy some clothes myself. I do remember going shopping with my girlfriend at the time and another young couple and trying on lots of clothes and just buying whatever they said looked good.

I have only just started to buy and wear slightly shorter shorts. It makes me feel young again if that makes any sense. Not as short nor as tight as I wore as a kid but shorter than I have worn for many years.

I understand what you mean. I often wear shorts underneath my jeans because they would be a little too short and tight to wear openly. However on holiday, particularly camping and hiking, it seems ok to wear them out in the open when the weather is good.

This is my kind of holiday. Holidays are the only time I get to wear my favorite shorts. Or when I am away hiking and biking. I have a good collection of secret shorts that I wear when I have some alone time. I would love to wear them for someone who would enjoy seeing me in them. I will post some pics soon.

did you ever go without uw under them then???<br />
<br />
or just briefs??

Lucky you,<br />
I think your mom knew that you loved wearing the shortest shorts possible, and wanted to let you wear them out in the open (you were probably leaving all sorts of "clues" when you were wearing them in secret) - we're all human, very likely when she was younger she was much the same way, or wanted to be.