Wife Caught Me In Her Panties

one morning my wife gave me kiss and said she was off to work and to in joy my day off. still in bed i try going back to sleep but could't so i got up and went into bathroom to releave my self .as i was peeing i look down and there was her panties on the floor from the night before,with her pink baby doll nitie. i shook it off and took a shower as i got out i dry off and look at the pink panties and nitie,i wonder how it would feel to wear them. so i put on the panties and got rock hard,then the nitie. i almost shot a load in them.so i went to the bed and laid down and started rubbing my self thru then panties in mins ishot a load in them. it felt so good just then the door to the bedroom open and mt wife seeing what i was wearing started screeming at me . is this what you do when im at work.i started explaning how it happen and crying hard afraid she was going to leave me or worst tell everyone i was gay or something. while i was crying i started to wet myself in her panties un controling. she seen what happen and yelled now your wetting in my cloths. then she was laughing at me and saying your pathic. then she close our bedroom door and told me to look at myself in the mirror. as i did i told it would not happen again and this was the first time i was just curious,how it would fell.oh you just wanted to know how it feels to be a sissy girl i show you.i started to explane and she shout sut up you sissyand grab my face hard to get my attention .you will stay in that outfit and clean the  whole house and have my dinner on the table when i get home do you understand.i look down and said yes dear,she laugh at me and said you are truely pathic.and sense i can't trust you im calling my sister to came and babysit you to make sure you don't change cloth i started to cry again and she grab my arm and drag me out to the front room and grab the phone and speed dail her sisters number and told her everything. and ask her to come right over and baby sit the sissy and bet my bottom if i gave her a hard times.i could hear her sister laughing the whole time about me and what i was caught wearing.my wife hung up and grab my arm and face look me straight in my eyes and said do you want me to throw you out that door now so everyone can see you and what you have and how you wet yourself. i started not to anwer her and she drug me to the door. i try to fight and pull my arm loose but she was to strong i yelled i do everything you say please don't do this they will laugh at me. she stop and look at me are you sure you will do what ever i tell you from now on and i anwer yes dear .she then took her phone and took pictures of me and said she would send to all of ours friends on how i was dress. then she said get your work done sissy my sister will be here soon i going back to work and grab the paper she forgot. she kiss me and said im going to love this.
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I have worn panties for many years. It started by me taking my sisters dirty panties and putting them on to jerk my hard ****. I always tastes them first and after I *** as well. Then, when married of course I wanted my sexy wife's panties so I would try them on when she was out and *** hard. She had lots of panties so I would take a sexy pair to put on and another pair to smell. Most of the time I would finger her with her panties on until she came, them eat her with the panties pulled aside until her panties were soaked. Then I would take them off her and put them on. The feel of her *** soaked panties made me so hard and horny I would **** her while wearing them. She loved it! Once she came home and caught me with several pairs on the floor and wearing her panties, pantyhose and bra. I did not know she was watching, but she had unzipped her jeans and was fingering herself good while watching me.

it was not long after susan left that her sister came in she took one look at me and laugh .omg its truue you are wearing her panties and baby doll nities.as i turn to face her she point at my wet panties and laugh even harder.she took her cell phone and took about 6 pictures of me,just think of everyone looks on there faces at work when they see you dress this way.i started crying and more pee started flow into the front of the pink full size panties carrie laugh and said can you get any more pathic.i beg her not to show the pictures to anyone,she said it depends how you treat me and my sister you sissy.now get me a cup of coffee now you wet sissy ,and finish the dishes and change the bedding and clean the whole house.it take tha biggest part of the day to do everything.now starty dinner she showed me everything and how to fix it all and how to set the table with candles and all . which she had me set only two setting she check everything and said looks good now me and susan can eat when she get home,i shouted i want to eat too!without even thinking she took her belt off and grab my arm and started to hit my bottom hard iwas cry really hard and then susan my wife walk in,because i thought long and hard about this at work on w. whats going on, carrie inform her i got lipie with her my wife grab a plastic bag layed it on her lap and pulled me over her knees and started to gave the most hardest spanky ever. my wife order me to served dinner to her and carrie after they was done she called me over and i was told to kneel in front of her.see what happen when you do something wrong dawn,i was shock she gave me a girl name, she added im only going to ask this one more time i thought hard on this all day what to do with you.i ask some women at work what they would do in my shoes to you for gettingt caught in my cloths.well hear it is you have no choice in the matter. i and carrie has pictures of you and we will use them. you are to be my sissy girl maid and you will follow our orders to the t . i just stood there shock that she was turning me into a sissy girl maid. nowfinish your supper and stand while eating because your panties are wet then finish the dish and stay out here untill i call you, so we can set the ground rules. her and carrie went to our bedroom,carrie grab some garabe bags and laugh at me and went back to the bedroom i heard talking and laughing the whole time they was back there there.after two hours susan called me back , carrie was leaving and called to susan she be back shorty. as i enter the bedroom i notice the bags were full laying on the bed,she told me to look in my dresser as i pull each draw out i seen they was all empty. i turn to susan ask what going on then it hit me she yhrowing me out i drop to my knees and throw myself to her legs holding on and cring please don't throw me out ilov you.im sorry please. susan laugh and pull me up wiping the tears from my eyes.you silly sissy your going to burn you old male cloths and get ready for your new ones your sissy girls cloths. i said really acting really happy then i stop and said my girls cloths?yes little sissy has to wear girls cloths.she gave me a pair of her pink fuzzy slippers and told me to follow her with my cloths.out the back door we went thank god it was dark and the closet poeple live about a quarter mile down the road. as we got to the burning trash barrell she told me to throw them in as i did she poured a small amount of gas on then and hand me the matches i lite it and in mins my cloth was burning up totally. no more male cloths for the sissy,just pretty panties bras and dresses and pretty nities. it hit me hard i was going to live as a sissy girl for how long i wonder.