Nylon Panties

Well about 24 years ago my wife found my stash of lingerie and we had a long talk. Now to this day I still dress like she says and love it. I do not own any male underwear at all.
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Mostly blue or black microfiber nylon, fill-cut, very satiny. OMG! They feel so great on! A few bikini panties and thongs. I buy her lots of garter-belts & sheer nylon stockings and urge her to give up pantihose. One evening we were dressing for a dinner party and I.was urging her to wear stockings instead of pantyhose. She said that if stockings meant so much to me then I should wear then too! She extended a garter-belt to fit me and handed a pair of sheer black stockings,insisting that I wear them that night! I felt a big sensual rush sliding those delicate stockings up on to my legs! I loved feeling them on all evening and was reluctant to take them off for bed. She said she hated the sight of my leg hair all swirled around under the hose and the next evening insisted shaving my legs! Now shaved she said she really liked how hot my legs now looked in sheer nylon stockings. Ever since she has me wearing stockings a lot. I love the feel of them on, especially with a nylon trouser liner.

I haven't had any male undies for years. My wife hates the look of them on me. She keeps my panty drawer well stocked