The next time Buff came over Libby was already dressed dressed for him in black bra & panties, stockings and garterbelt. She had me in a pink babydoll and frilly pink panties with ruffles on the fanny. I don’t think she expected Stephanie to be with him, but she breezed in like she owned the place and very quickly had me on my knees pulling down Buff’s jeans and fluffing him to get him hard. Stephanie had Libby in pretty much the same position, licking Steph’s **** while she taunted Libby. I was slobbering over Buff’s **** wondering if Stephanie was going to **** her brother. Boy, was I wrong.
After creaming Libby’s face a couple of times, she took Libby back to the bedroom. I was still blowing (and gagging some) on Buff’s big meat. Stephanie finally called to Buff to come on back and bring “Tabby”.
When we walked into the bedroom, Steph started playing with me thru my sissy panties. I gasped, “oh my god” and it didn’t take me long to get hard. When I was erect enough to suit her, Steph told me to “climb onto your ***** wife and put it in”. I blushed, but I moved towards the bed. “But you have to have your head towards her feet” she said sweetly. I stopped. “And you have to wear this”. She added. And with that, she yanked my girly panties down on my thighs and put a cockring on me. One that had some kind of lever attached. I moaned as she put me in it and made sure the lever was secure. Then she directed me as mounted Libby for the first time in quite a while.
Libby moaned as Stephanie guided my **** into her ****. I throbbed, but the cockring held me in check. Then Stephanie took some lube and started working it into my ***. I was confused till she told Buff to go ahead.
Buff climbed on top of me and wormed his fat **** into my ***. Libby moaned as Buff pushed me deeper into her. Stephanie lay back against the wall, looking into my eyes as Buff started pumping his **** into me. Libby moaned and I could hear her and Buff start kissing as he ****** me and his motions pumped my **** into her.
Stephanie started playing with her ***** as she watched buff and Libby sandwich me. I moaned as she taunted me, “how does it feel, Tabby? Knowing that Buff is ******* little Libby with your ****…... I moaned and whimpered. So did Buff and Libby. In fact they got into it and basically ****** like I wasn’t between them. Libby kept telling Buff she loved him and begging him to **** her harder, “**** me, Buff…. **** me….harder….please….PLEASE…..POUND MEEEEEEEEE….”
Buff complied, but he was pounding ME as well. Every stroke of his **** in my VERY full *** just drove me harder into Libby’s ****. As I started whimpering more, Stephanie pulled off her panties and stuffed them in my mouth to keep me quiet. And she kept up her taunts, “How does it feel?.....being a CONDOM for my brother to pork your **** wife?.....”
Tears of shame ran down my cheeks as Libby panted, “I’m *******…oh, baby….oh, buff…I’m CUMMMMMINNGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!” He ***** gushed all over my ****. I throbbed in the binds of Stephanie’s cockring contraption and Buff just pounded my poor *** like meat.

Libby quivered and clung to Buff, kissing him and cooing and panting till he (and I, I guess) made her *** again. Stephanie never took her eyes on me, but she smiled at me as she started creaming her fingers. I moaned into her panties as Buff groaned, “I’m gonna ***, Steph.” Stephanie quickly leaned up and kissing me hard, ******* my mouth with her tongue and at the same time grabbing the lever on my cockring and releasing it. Libby cried out and I moaned into Stephanie’s kiss as I shot my load into Libby and Buff emptied his nuts into my sissy ***.

Buff rolled off me and Stephanie pulled my panties back up. “To keep Buff’s *** in your ***** ***” she taunted me. She then made me lick my *** out of Libby while she kissed Libby hard and long and as she broke the kiss said, “Your welcome, ****. It was MY idea….”
Buff and Stephanie left us wet and exhausted on the bed as they closed the door behind them.

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May 21, 2013