Made to Wear Heels, Hose & Skirt

My wife wanted to see how I would look in a skirt one night when we had had a few drinks. 

I had always loved the feel of girl's delicates on me, so I eagerly oblidged.

She had me remove all my clothes, then slipped a pair of satin french cut briefs on me.  I was instantly aroused!!  Next she added an extender to one of her black satin garterbelts so it would fit my waist and strapped it around me.  The feel of the garters dangling aginst my thighs was exilerating.  Next she bunched up a very sheer jet black RHT nylon stocking and slipped it up my leg.  By now I had full arousal bulging against the sheer satin panty.  The feeling of her soft, feminine hands on my legs as she connected the garter clasps to the stockings was delightful.

She has obviously been planning this, because the next thing was slipping my stockinged feet into a pair of new black patent stiletto pumps that were my size!  A perfect fit.  Two sizes larger than hers.

She pulled a white ribbed turtleneck over my head and had me step into a black pleated mid thigh lengh skirt.  I felt absoloutely thrilled!

After a bit of training she had me walking gracefully in the 4 inch heels.  I was really enjoying all of it!  The silky feel of the panties on my privates, the caresses of the sheer stockins on my legs as the garters tugged as I moved about, the swaying gait as I walked in the heels!  Her hands caressing my nylon clad legs as she straightened the stockings.

Best of all was her remark of how sexy my legs looked in skirt, heels and hose!!  She said it was a turn-on for her!!

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wow you are so fortunate my wife knows I like to femininzed but does not allow me so when she is gone out of town I get to dress up on my own I so wish she would or any other woman would come feminize me to be her sissy *****

I bought my wife a few outfits she wanted a red pair of red stockings and garterbelts We got home and she said ok honey I will wear the red outfit if you wear one of the others so I did I wore the purple one I looked so sexy ok and so did her. we walked around the house and she had an Idea honey can I do your make up to see how you look I acted kind of mad and ok doit when she fimished witj my hairakeup and nails she told me ai looked jot

High heels are so addictive! She had me wear heels once to a club with my otherwise male outfit. It was such a treat! If any of the guys there noticed, they didn't show it. But several girls did comment positivly on my choice of footwear. Gotta do that again soon!

one of my many dreams

how I wish that had happened to me


It wasn't totally by chance that I found a woman that likes me in skirt, heels and hose.
We met at a party that had a kinky theme. There were TVs there, Gay and lesbian couples, Leather and Bondage people. We only mentioned that we had some fantasys and a fascination for kink. But we did hit it off and began dating. She recently told me her dad loved to cross-dress and often wore stockings and heels openly at home. Her mom tolerated it but did not enjoy it. My wife, on the other hand, was very close to her dad and would shop with him and help him with his dressing. So I guess she was predisposed to want me enfemme part of the time. Whatever, it is great!! A lifelong dream come true.

I have many pairs myself and would love to have my wife force me to wear them in public. I have a nice pair of 3 1/2 inch heeled girly boots that have a heel that clicks very loud on the floor. I have worn them out with her, but she seems uninterested in me wearing them! I can only dream!

You sound like a loving couple well on the road to a fabulous future.

Good to know somebodys wife /GF lets them dress as they like... sd

As you are finding out HIGH heels and lingerie are addictive! Welcum to crossdressing.

You got yourself a keeper Sis.

I to love the feel of silky lingerie,ornylons against me body,my gf./ knows i wear girls stuff& she dont mind.I have my own stuff,she wont let me wear hers,also i get in to anal sex with myself & my mirror.If you have never tried it you should,theres nothing better

lucky girl

You seem to be living my dream life. Wearing nylon pantyhose and slips and high heels with my wife/GF KNOWLEDGE and APPROVAL is something that I WOULD LOVE!!! It would send me in happiness NIRVANA!!!

My arent you the lucky one! It was my sister and a friend that dressed me when I was 12. never forgotten that day and have dressed ever since

my heels are 3 to 41/2 inch stiletto pumps and sandals