My Husband Now Wears My Lingerie

After years of less than satisfying sex, my husband finally admitted that he liked to wear women's clothes and had strong sissy feelings. At first I was very upset that he had kept this secret, but soon realised that I could benefit from this situation.

I did not like the idea of him wearing my clothes, especially my lingerie, so I bought him some of his own along with skirts and dresses. He now wears female clothes at home every day at my instruction and has become my wife..he cleans, cooks, washes and irons and I have a much more enjoyable life.

I have now found a boyfriend who satisfies my womanly needs regularly and fully and I have a 'wife' to do the housework. Of course we no longer sleep together as I couldn't share a bed with my 'wife' wearing a nightie... she is a very good wife and I am pleased with her housekeeping.. but she is totally finished as a man in my eyes.



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It feels natural doesn't it?

You and wife should take off all your clothes and go to bed

Why don't you and your wife take off all your clothes and go to bed?

After my wife watched her hair dresser **** my ***, she too decided she should not sleep with me. She handed me apair of panties teling me I earned the right to wear them

I too love womens clothes but my fetish is womens sweaters.I also own a few womens sweater dresses.My wife of 35 years is really understanding about my dress habits and im responsible also in that i realize every one isnt so understanding.Im confined to the house but thats ok with me. I feel very soft and comfortable when i dres up and my wife will be the ffirst to tell you i am much more kind and soft not so macho.My wife has promised to shop for a new bra and stuff forr me if im good. I am always good when dressed. There is sooooo much more to say on this subject.How about Live and let live understanding is optional of course!.

I too lover to wear women's lingerie. I am delighted you are so understanding. I have my own stash of lingerie as my wife's idea of under clothing is all cotton. So, she does not need to worry about me wearing her lingerie. <br />
<br />
I own nearly 20 bras and panties and my lacy slip collection is twice as large. I also have over a dozen chemise that she will let me wear to bed, usually every other week. Otherwise, I wear my lingerie around the house only when she is not home. <br />
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So, thank you for being so understanding. I do not know why I like wearing lingerie, but I cannot stop. The feeling of the silky, satin materials against my skin is just too good to give up.