My Husband Now Wears My Lingerie

After years of less than satisfying sex, my husband finally admitted that he liked to wear women's clothes and had strong sissy feelings. At first I was very upset that he had kept this secret, but soon realised that I could benefit from this situation.

I did not like the idea of him wearing my clothes, especially my lingerie, so I bought him some of his own along with skirts and dresses. He now wears female clothes at home every day at my instruction and has become my wife..he cleans, cooks, washes and irons and I have a much more enjoyable life.

I have now found a boyfriend who satisfies my womanly needs regularly and fully and I have a 'wife' to do the housework. Of course we no longer sleep together as I couldn't share a bed with my 'wife' wearing a nightie... she is a very good wife and I am pleased with her housekeeping.. but she is totally finished as a man in my eyes.



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You and wife should take off all your clothes and go to bed

Why don't you and your wife take off all your clothes and go to bed?

After my wife watched her hair dresser **** my ***, she too decided she should not sleep with me. She handed me apair of panties teling me I earned the right to wear them

I thought it was appropriate to give everyone an update to this old string! It's been 2 years since my comment on this subject, so it's long overdue.
My g/f and I are no longer together, although we broke up last year due to distance rather than my clothing preferences (my g/f was European). After some time, I began dating casually locally for a while, so intimacy never came into the picture until recently. So, after dating my most recent "American" g/f, I thought I could come out and speak my mind about my desires towards lingerie. Wow!! Not even anything like the response I had hoped for or at least the response that was received with my European g/f. My new g/f choked at first and even broke up with me temporarily saying she had to think about things. After some weeks went by, we got back together but she made all these rules and exceptions about how things would be. In the end, I told her that she was going to have to accept me the way I am or it wouldn't work with us. I am tired of hiding the feminine side of me and so should all of you be as well! To be frank, it's all a load of BS really! It's clothing! We're not going gay on you ladies! But it is interesting how when cooler heads prevail, she told me her biggest fear was having to compete with the girl in me and potentially another man if I went gay! That was her biggest fear! She is afraid that if I went gay on her, how she could compete with another male package...hehehehe.
So sweet cross dresser friends, this sheds considerable light unto the dilemma that many of you face and hopefully this can be addressed with your partner as well.
I think it's important you sit down with your girl and explain just what it will mean in your relationship. For me, I explained to her that I was NOT gay. I had no strong urges or desires to physically change myself into a woman full time. Now, I'm no fool, I know that there are some bi-sexual tendencies with many cross dressers as we fantasize about being intimate with another man, but in most cases those are just that, fantasies that stay as fantasies. There are plenty of ways to act out those fantasies with your own g/f or wife. You could bring home a really nice realistic looking ***** that the two of you could share in the bedroom. Now at first, when I asked my g/f to teach me how to suck the darn thing, she wasn't all too comfortable with that we quickly moved on from that and I probably won't bring that activity up in the bedroom until much later, if again at all.
You can ask your partner to share your *********** with you. Some CD gals fantasize about this and there's nothing wrong with asking your partner to share this with you. You can have her orally please you and then come up and kiss you and share it with you if that is something that you would like. There are just countless ways to release the bi-sexual tendencies that tend to come with the whole package of being a CD without actually going and playing for the other team if you know what I mean! Your g/f or wife has nothing to worry about if there are open lines to communication and you share a strong loving relationship.
Now I know I'll get some CD gals here that will disagree, who will critically exclaim that they are not homosexual or even bi-sexual. That's ok, not everybody is! But...usually, I would venture to say in about 60% of the cases, given time....a cross dresser does explore the other team, even if to at least say they tried it! It's just human nature, only there are VERY FEW people who will admit it!
Even girls have those same urges! I remember sharing many thoughts with my x-g/f about bi-sexual activity and after she felt super comfortable talking with me about it, even she admitted she thought about being with a woman sometimes. We even very fortunate to have been able to share a wonderful weekend with another woman friend in Florida several years ago and it was heaven to say the least! I here so many bad experiences come out of such an experience, but for us it couldn't have been further from the truth. It actually brought us closer together and the woman in Florida turned out to be a VERY special close friend!

So, that is my update! I wish you all a wonderful Holiday season coming up! I wish you all CD Gals to have a wonderful soft and sexy Christmas with your partner and hopefully you will all come to your own arrangement that will see the wonderful parts come out in both of you!!


Our enjoyment of lingerie is not confined to cross-dressers, or tranny people like me. I know many females particularly from the "femme" lesbian groups who love it in just the same way & why not! As long as we enjoy it & are not causing harm to anyone else, the more the better.

I too love womens clothes but my fetish is womens sweaters.I also own a few womens sweater dresses.My wife of 35 years is really understanding about my dress habits and im responsible also in that i realize every one isnt so understanding.Im confined to the house but thats ok with me. I feel very soft and comfortable when i dres up and my wife will be the ffirst to tell you i am much more kind and soft not so macho.My wife has promised to shop for a new bra and stuff forr me if im good. I am always good when dressed. There is sooooo much more to say on this subject.How about Live and let live understanding is optional of course!.

Even though this blog is almost a year old, I can't help but chime in on this one! I just don't see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for your new "wife", really. How can you say "thanks for being so understanding" lacysliplover, you sissy! Oh I forgot, most like to be called that! It looks more like a convenient way to screw around on your husband because you don't feel satisfied while he wears lingerie! Do you really think your lack of satisfaction has anything to do with him wearing lingerie? I would beg to differ. <br />
While I was overseas, I broke it to my g/f too that I liked to wear women's lingerie, but no it wasn't years later when I told her, that's not so good. I told her after the third time we became intimate. The first time we made love, I wore some sexy black panties, but unless you're a super panty spy, you might be fooled into thinking they were just men's sexy underwear because there was no pretty bows or anything on them. So, she said nothing the first time. The next time I wasn't so stealth, I wore a pair of bright red lipstick color panties and she questioned what the heck those were on me! I explained to her that I simply liked the feel of women's panties against my male genatiles and although it didn't drive her crazy, she accepted my rebuttal. Then after the third time we had sex I told her some of fetishes and desires I have. She really didn't love the idea, but she agreed to one day dress me up and make me up like a girl. <br />
The night she made me up as a woman, was probably some of the hottest sex we had! She bent me over like a woman and had her nasty way with me. We took turns on occasion beating each other intimately (all in fun, not doing any serious bodily injury) and it was unbelievable! Now I didn't force it upon her every time we made love, which is not the correct thing to do. When you love someone, it's always about compromise! So, when she felt she needed a strong and forceful man to take control of things, then I stepped up to the plate and did just that. But then there were times when I felt the need to be soft and feminine and dress up and she was more than happy to share in that experience. In fact, we would share some of the softest moments I can EVER recall when we made love like two little girlfriends! I LOVED IT!<br />
<br />
So, you see, it’s just to each his own. Whatever floats your boat and turns your crank. I think the moral of any of these cross dressing stories is that it's about the love you have for your partner. You can't just return your partner like you return a bad purchase decision because you're not happy with what makes him happy! That's so unbelievably selfish and I 21st Century! :(( It’s no wonder the world is in the shape it is in with regards to relationships! Wow!!<br />
<br />
Good Luck to both of you.......

I too lover to wear women's lingerie. I am delighted you are so understanding. I have my own stash of lingerie as my wife's idea of under clothing is all cotton. So, she does not need to worry about me wearing her lingerie. <br />
<br />
I own nearly 20 bras and panties and my lacy slip collection is twice as large. I also have over a dozen chemise that she will let me wear to bed, usually every other week. Otherwise, I wear my lingerie around the house only when she is not home. <br />
<br />
So, thank you for being so understanding. I do not know why I like wearing lingerie, but I cannot stop. The feeling of the silky, satin materials against my skin is just too good to give up.