Pampers Fit Girls Better

Totally smooth and flat crotch, nicely covered by Pampers. So comfy. 

A girl's crotch is narrow and flat, and the distance from her belly button to buttock is much shorter because, unlike a boy, she has nothing down there. Just a smooth line from front to back, and diapers will hug every inch of the sensitive area (much like a feminine pad).

My boyfriend put me in Pampers, Pull-Ups, and other diapers and took some pictures.

Even adult diapers fit girls better, at the crotch. Whether wet or dry, there is a perfectly fitting "crack" (diaper camel toe?) at the crotch. Comfy and cute. I love how the diapers hug my girly crotch.

The girly crotch crevice is especially visible when diapers are wet

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don't be ashamed! as for myself, I wear Pampers size 6 diapers (only because of a medical condition) there's times when I can't make it to the bathroom in time; and instead of messing/wetting my actual underwear, I just wear Pampers. This way, instead of the mess or wetness going into my actual underwear it just goes into my diaper; then I just change my diaper and put myself into a clean and dry diaper!

This is a nice response. A girl shouldn't feel bad about wearing Pampers, or any diaper. You girls look darn cute in Pampers. Be happy they still fit you. They drive us diaper boys super crazy when we see a girl still wearing her Pampers of other diapers. Stay diapered and stay cute.

Do u have sex where the baby diapers

The picture with the black lacy leggings, purple shirt and Pampers is my favorite. There is one with a Pull-Up on someone with a ring on, is that your boyfriend? I believe there's a boy bulge in that one, no? Still a great runner up for second favorite. Like them all for sure.

No he does not wear pull-ups or diapers. What you saw as an illusion of a "bulge" was diaper doublers.

OH, okay, didn't think of those, even though I use Pampers inside my adult diapers for that same reason. (My boy parts are not that big anyways so I like to think since my boy parts are small, then I want to wear diapers like I'm small. LOL.)

Your boyfriend did the most wonderful thing, put his girl in thos diapers, just what I like to see. Thanks for sharing. Do you want to tell us why he put his girlfriend in Pampers and adult diapers? I would love to hear more, like are you still wearing diapers ever since then? They do look cute on you.

Well for starters, I have a small bladder and had an embarrassing accident. He also did not like to let me use the toilet. When I could not hold it, he found an excuse to confine me in diapers.

I love the site of girls in pampers not only for the diaper camel toe but also the youth it gives said woman and the feel of rubbing the diaper wheather dry wet or poopy

I've tried Pampers 7 for an ageplay idea, and although they are definitely stretchy, they do fit. So I can confirm!

The last picture looks more like Pull Ups (kroger brand)

Yeah I have a hunch those are the Krogers Pull ups with the frog fairies on it.

wow your are so damn hot i'm going out to buy size 7 today cant wait to try them out