Me Too.

The only problem with size 7 Pampers is that they are actually smaller than the old plastic-backed Pampers size 6. How I miss the old days of larger plastic-backed baby diapers and of course, toddler size Gerber plastic baby pants. They don't make the 31 pounds and over size anymore, and they aren't the good old PVC plastic either. I thought they would at least keep making plastic panties the right way after they stopped making plastic baby diapers.

I miss the old days when you could really indulge in a diaper fetish.
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2 Responses May 21, 2012

I miss the good ol high school days getting home from school and then slipping on a pair of Gerber Toddler Size Plastic Pants. Too bad they stopped making them shortly thereafter!!! I still have the memories of walking into Kmart and picking up 2 packs(6 pairs) of gerber plastic pants and paying only 2.29 per pack for them :) I also remember trying to get in and get out really fast so no one would see me buying them.

Really??? in the States?
I knew the Euro Pampers were bigger but not any others.
Also, not trying to defeat your point, but Plastic backed is PE or polyethylene film.