Males Wearing Skimpy Shorts Get A Different Reaction

The trend in shorts for men is to keep getting longer. The trend for women is to keep getting shorter. I don't mind the latter, but am not that fond of the former. When I was in high school, men's shorts were as short or shorter than women's (think old pictures of basketball which had NBA guys wearing very short shorts). I am used to this, however as we get older, we don't always look as good in shorts :). I recently began trying to get in better shape so have taken to hiking and running in a nearby park. My shorts were the modern kind, a bit too long for my tastes, and as summer got here, way too hot. My wife noticed the problem, and solved it.

My wife bought me a pair of very skimpy running shorts. She said that I look good in them. I'm not as sure about that as she is, but I wear them when I go hiking and running in the nearby park. I don't meet too many people, so I am not that embarrassed wearing them. However, to get to the trails I have to go through our neighborhood. Recently as school has started, I have to pass a group of kids waiting for the bus, as I get back from running just about when their bus comes along. As I pass, jogging shirtless with my running shorts on, I hear a lot of giggling, I think the kids (seem in age from 6-9) just haven't seen many older slightly rounder men without shirts on. It makes me feel a bit upset, and I wonder what their parents are teaching them about manners. Some of the older retired people in my neighborhood are much more encouraging. One older lady always tells me how proud of my dedication to running she is, and says while she feels too old to run, she thinks its wonderful that I am. Another older man who walks his dog is always encouraging as well, telling me, I see you are running a bit more, keep up the good work.

What do you guys think about older guys wearing skimpy shorts? Especially if they aren't hard bodies? How else is one to get a hard body, except by exercising?
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I'm late to this party but I just wanted to say that I train at the gym in very short shorts and no one has ever said a word.
I'm in my late 40s and I have a decent if not brilliant body. I hate the trend for long shorts for casual summer wear and also big underwear and long swimming shorts and gym shorts. I wear (men's) thongs as underwear, speedos for swimming and as I said, skimpy shorts for the gym. I've tried to find casua short shorts for the summer but although there's a bit of a fashion for shorter in-seams, the mainstream is still wearing long, so the short types are above what I'm prepared to pay for casual wear.

I think that skimpy, tight short shorts are the BES!! Keep doing what you are doing. IF you feel good in them -- just do it no matter how you look ---- it's how you feel and what is upstairs in your head that matters!
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Shorts are supposed to be covering from the crotch UP not down. The shorter the better and if you happen to fall out - so much the better.

I can't tell you all how happy I am to have come across this blog. I HATE shorts that are so long! My normal inseam around the house and in the yard is 1.5". I have always worn this style. However, when going out to stores, etc. I don't have the confidence to wear what I would really like to wear, so I go the 4-6" inseam. It drives me CRAZY! I hate the fact that people are so judgmental about men wearing short shorts. I am 55 6' and under 155lb.

My wife and I have recumbent trikes coming. I intend to wear the shortest spandex shorts I can get away with while riding. I am in Utah, and I think I am the only one who wears shorts with an inseam shorter than 12"

For me the shorter the short the better. I saw a few young ladies getting ice cream the other night and they had on the shortest of shorts-they were ballet students. Now it's OK for them but anyone else becomes a ****.

I think for men the long shorts-boy that's an oxymoron- is ridiculous-they are Bermuda shorts period. All of my shorts have zero leg length. Very hard to find.

I do a lot of hiking-have muscular legs- am 70 years old-it's either short shorts, ladies boy shorts or naked. If you are exercising or in any sport-no matter the age or condition-the shorter the short makes a guy feel better and he will continue and get healthier. they just make you feel better about yourself. I f you read my blog you will see I am not shy anymore once I developed the attitude that it is my life-the only one I have-don't let others dictate to you what is short or too short.

Thanks for the encouragement.

This is the first time I have ever responded to a blog, and it is indeed refreshing to hear your story. I must congratulate you on your stance. I also wear minimal shorts at every opportunity, have brown legs, a youth-like figure yet am 65 years old, and am told that I look good in them.

Like you, I am sickened by the over-conservative trend particularly in the UK for men to hide every asset they have - mainly the upper legs, etc., and cover themselves up in long, frumpy shorts which flap in the wind like boat sails and over emphasis the more spindly lower legs - making the wearer look more like an over endowed chicken!

I agree, it is both rude and discourteous for the youngsters to smirk - they look fare more ridiculous in their oversized jeans with gussets handing down to their knees like shopping baskets. They should be the first to look at themselves and do something about their appearance.

Your story was excellent and heartening - I was beginning to think I was the only one! Well done and keep it up.

Thanks for the kind words!

The last question in your story tells it all. I don't run but my wife and I walk and swim. I have lost 86 lbs in almost two years and my wife has lost, too!

I'm still overweight with about 40 more to go and have had similar negative responses but it's the old woman or the older guy walking his dog that keep me going. As far as the kids, I look back to my childhood and mark it off as ignorance or part of learning.

Working as a roofer starting in my 20's I can tell you most all the guys wore short shorts-they didn't drag on you legs especially if you had muscular legs. There was no gayness involved or thought of then. Now I am bi and I still wear short shorts. Hard to find guys running shorts that are super short now. I also wear loose legged ladies boy shorts and nothing else-always was commando. It works well for me.

Thanks for the encouragement. With winter in full swing, I'm not going hiking/running in quite so skimpy attire ;). Come spring I'll be back out there.

In an age where u can see so many female models in bikini in magazines and brassiere ads,I wonder what is the big deal of a man running topless.

<p>Since older women also arent holding back with their hotpants,I would encourage older men to GO FOR IT!!If a woman doesnt care for how weirdly exposed or skanky deficit she looks,a man should care even less.<br />
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Now,I've nothing against women who wears short pants/skirt and encourages their boyfriends to wear something as short or shorter(so long as it aint a skirt).But I'm disgusted by those who wears so short and raggy,and still have their boyfriends go out with them in long pants/jeans,as I am also with their boyfriends for forfeiting the rights that they have and are wholly entitled to.<br />
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If women are unafraid of being called a ***** or magnet for sexual predators for how little they wear,why are those 'men' afraid of being called immature,or more farfetched,gay?Men who are afraid of such ridiculous and meaningless judgment are the ones who are really sissy and cowardly.If they were any bit as men as they intend to show themselves to be,they'd dare assert their rights to open more choices,and enjoy the convenience of such variety without restraint.Long pants,like coats,are only useful in really cold weather</P><br />

<p>I'm not fond of either trend mentioned in the first statament.If anyone's shorts should get shorter,it should start with the men's,not women's.Screams **** n all sorts of indecencies when a woman walks in shorter shorts than a man beside her,especially when they're a date.Yet now so many such examples are prevalent without the converse being anywhere near noticeable,as if the men can still find it dignified walking beside a woman in torn shorts akin to rags<br />
<br />
I bet a bunch of male-hating nitwits came up with the correlation between gay or sissy n men in short shorts,which is utterly ludicrous.Worse is how people in society gullibly believing them,ie gays turning to short shorts,or guys liking short shorts thinking they may be gay,etc.Utterly stupid,since it was society itself telling us not to judge women by how they wear.The world's people have taken a giant leap backwards in common sense and mentality.See what i mean below,of a stupid mentality:<br />
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