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Men Can Wear Skirts Too

Some time ago I tried wearing a skirt at work in our market garden and decided I liked it and now I wear one quite often. It's not cross-dressing, but just more comfortable and practical for me. If I wanted to cross dress as a girl these days I'd wear tight jeans, not a skirt, and you notice that guys who like cross-dressing for fun choose styles that went out a hundred years ago, with suspenders and corsets and so on, because these days there's no difference between casual dress of men or girls.

Men have always worn skirts and I dont see why it shouldnt be widely acceptable today. The only people who can get away wth it are scotsmen, bishops, cardinals (who can also wear tablecloths), monks and other clerics in formal dress, but the fact is that my skirts would get funny looks in town, so I keep to wearing it on our own land. Pity, but there it is.

Another thing with me is that I'm a guy who has to wee a lot, and as someone said to me some time ago "The only way for you to avoid wetting your pants, Alan, is not to wear pants."

alanrunner alanrunner 26-30, T 70 Responses Feb 17, 2008

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I have been wearing skirts off and on for about 3 years. It's very comfortable. I like let my junk hang without panties but sometimes I wear panties if the skirt is really short. It feels great especially with the stretch denim skirts. The rub excites me but forgetting that, it's great. You just have to think about how you sit. I try to remember but sometimes I forget and my junk is hanging down/out. I am a cross dresser but when I wear skirts out of the house, I compliment it with mens shirts to try and balance my look. I encourage skirts for men.

I love wearing skirts and do so in and around my house, only a couple of times have I been out in a skirt and that was very protected. I hope I can find the courage soon to go down town because I think it would be very liberating.

i wear skirts in public from time to time. its a choice. my wife isnt keen, but then she wears trousers ALL the time and cant see the irony of that. NOBODY has ever said anything detrimental and most just ignore it or dont see it. Some see, thats obvious to me, but they just do a double take. I wonder what they are thinking. I just think Im more of a man than the normal man who continues to live in bondage to drabness.

I live in the Bay Area, California. I am a straight guy and I wear skirts all the time. All of my friends have seen me in a skirt everyday. I rarely wear pants and when I do people ask me, "Why are you wearing pants today?" It cracks me up because people used to ask me why I was wearing a skirt. Now my wearing pants shocks them.
The vast majority of people are either super nice or really do not even notice what I am wearing. Think about it. Do you notice what other people around you are wearing when you are out and about during the day? Probably not.
Rarely will someone say something rude or laugh at me, but I could care less because I am doing exactly what I want to do. I usually feel sorry for that person because obviously they are not doing what they would like to do with their life so they feel they have to try and bring me down. That does not work at all with me.
I have never had anyone attempt to get violent or physical with me, and I go any place I want to go, e.g., the mall, grocery, sporting events, bars, and just wherever.

So guys, the only way skirts are going to become normal for men is if guys just start wearing them. Stop waiting for some fashion designer to give you permission. Give yourself permission. It is your life. What are you waiting for?

Men, rather than sissy wimps, need to wear skirts or dresses.

Agree!! ;)

I'm a straight male and I wear skirts from time to time. I wear them to the store or when I go for walks. I don't wear them in large crowds because I haven't developed the courage yet. Skirts are "very" comfortable. Pants for men are binding and you are always trying to adjust your package. In skirts it is not an issue for me. I usually don't wear underwear so going commando is even better. The fact is it is very liberating to wear a skirt. I have sometimes worn a dress too but not that often.

I think people need to get the old ideas out of their head and just let people wear what they want and "not" judge them because of their clothing. There are decent people under those clothes, whatever they wear.

Wore a knee-length denim skirt last weekend instead of jeans, Saturday through Sunday. Wore socks, not compression hose. A complete non-event. Very comfortable!

To playgate, some people , both men and women think like that , and that is o.k. But I personally do not agree. I wear skirts and I am very masculine. I feel extremely comfortable in a skirt , especially kilted pleated tartan skirts which are my favourite. It is only a garment. I remember when I was a small child , to see the first woman wearing a trousers. You would not believe the terrible comments that other women passed on them. Now most women wear jeans, slacks , shorts, etc. They suit some women , and do not suit other women. Also the trousers , jeans,shorts of a woman is a completely different shape to that of a man. Similarily for men and skirts. The shape , design of men's skirts is totally different to that of a woman. There are a some pleated tartan skirts which are made for women , but could be worn by men also. The skirts I wear are all designed and cut for myself i.e the male body. Now I would not agree that a man who wears a skirt is trying to change sex. Far from it. To finish , it does not require a skirt for a man to interfere with anothe man. Any man like that will in my view be drawn to a man anyway , and he should get the same treatment. A good smack across the cheek. So I , say ,live and let live. If you do not want to wear a skirt , that is o.k. I do and that is o.k also. We are all different. I tolerate difference, I hope it is reciprocated by others.

wearing a skirt is like trying to change your sex . It isn't going to happen unless you can copy the body of a woman . Wearing a skirt in this day an age is asking to get molested like a woman . Do you really want some guy with his hand up your skirt feeling you up . Ken

Qu'elle surprise.....another homophobic tosser. Crawl back into your hole you sad little specimen.

Seems as if Ken "playgate" is completely clueless. Skirts will fit almost anyone since they are only attached to the body at the waist. A man in a skirt will never be mistaken for being a woman. A man who puts his hand up my skirt may be having a fist down his throat. It is all about comfort. A woman who wears trousers isn't trying to become masculine. She is just exercising a clothing choice just as I do when I decide to wear a dress or a skirt.

Clueless or not Playgate certainly inhabits a very different world from one I recognise from many years of widely varied work and social circles, when he talks about women being molested because they wear skirts. I don't say it doesn't happen, but I've never known any woman so assaulted, and only ever known one man who sexually assaulted women - and was jailed for it.

I love wearing pleated tartan skirts, knee length. I wear kilted tartan pleated skirts and tartan pleated skirts , again knee length or thereabouts.<br />
<br />
I feel very liberated in a skirts. I do not see any reason why a man , if he so desires , should not wear a kilt or a skirt. ( a kilt is a skirt, no matter what anyone says).<br />
<br />
<br />
I have a few denim skirts (short), but I would like to get one just above the knee , The denim, like the tartan is a unisex garment/fabric. There is no reason why a man should not wear a denim skirt. I personally always wear undergarments under my skirts/kilts. I think it is respectful to other people , and it helps promote the wearing of the skirt by men. I would apply the same argument for a cord skirt.<br />
<br />
I also love the sight of a woman is a nice pleated skirt , knee length or thereabouts. Also wearing black boots and black tights. <br />
<br />
The energy around a woman in a skirt and a man in a skirt is totally different. The woman will be sexy, and sensuous . The man will be elegant. Totally different.

Exactly, I feel that whether a man (or woman) wears pants, kilts, skirts, etc., it makes absolutely NO difference whatsoever. I personally own two kilts and wear them as often as I can. I would also wear a skirt if I found one that I liked and thought looked good on me. When, oh WHEN are people going to get over the issue of a certain gender must wear a certain set of clothes? WHO CARES?!!!!

Here in Europe; Holland, I like to wear a long(ankle length) silk skirt, I have them straight, crinceled and looking for a pleated one.<br />
In my wardrobe are also a long(ankle length) denim, a sarong and kneelength pleated one.<br />
As underskirt I have several silk ones.<br />
I like the feeling of the soft fabric around my legs.<br />
<br />
In public I have once weared the long denim skirt, nobody seems to notice only sometimes joung girls I heard giggeling. but a denim skirt is quitte neutral a silk one is more feminine and I expect than more troubles.<br />
For me it was a nice trip but my heart was banging to go to a town fare away from where I live and go shopping.

There is no reason at all why men should be denied skirts. I've worn them for years, and in the last 15 or so I've quit caring what the neighbors think. You only go around once. Why allow strangers to dictate your wardrobe?

I know how you feel. I'm younger though, but i'm 16 now. I wore jeans almost all my life, i work in an autoshop during the day, but at night, i do my fun side projects and some gaming and stuff. I haven't said anything until now, but i took some time and had my Girlfriend in another state mail me a Skirt and some black Knee-High socks. 2 reasons. 1. i like the freedom of movement of a skirt, so much more comfortable to wear than jeans. 2. the kneehigh socks make it feel like the protection jeans give me, and don't let my legs freeze when it gets cold out. also, knee high socks are cute with a skirt, but thats just off topic. I still don't know if i want to say anything to my mom(dads, no longer living with us, moved out on his own will). It's kinda annyoing to have to use my "Cat ears" to hear someone walking toward my home and switch back into jeans.

I know how you feel. I'm younger though, but i'm 16 now. I wore jeans almost all my life, i work in an autoshop during the day, but at night, i do my fun side projects and some gaming and stuff. I haven't said anything until now, but i took some time and had my Girlfriend in another state mail me a Skirt and some black Knee-High socks. 2 reasons. 1. i like the freedom of movement of a skirt, so much more comfortable to wear than jeans. 2. the kneehigh socks make it feel like the protection jeans give me, and don't let my legs freeze when it gets cold out. also, knee high socks are cute with a skirt, but thats just off topic. I still don't know if i want to say anything to my mom(dads, no longer living with us, moved out on his own will). It's kinda annyoing to have to use my "Cat ears" to hear someone walking toward my home and switch back into jeans.

I want to wear skirts and / or dresses in public, but will admit to being too afraid to do so. I do wear only skirts and / or dresses when I am at home. My housekeeper is quite accustomed to seeing me dressed this way, but I also asked her permission before allowing her to see me dressed like that. She encourages me and it was her that convinced me to start sharving my legs and wearing stockings when I ware the shorter skirts. But I don't leave my home dressed in that way. <br />
<br />
I'm not trying to look like a woman, not in any way. I just prefer some of their clothes. I find them very comfortable. But to get dressed in what I am most comfortable and leave; go to the store, drugstore, anywhere in the community is not me being bold and brazen. No. It would be me committing social suicide within my community. It's not as simple as someone talking about me. No, much more complex than that. It would be me being labled in a very negative light. My job is dependant upon me being viewed in my community as being very conservative and trusted. I know that my choice of attire has nothing what so ever to do with my trustworthiness. But I also know that others determine my trustworthiness and not me. So I very much feel my best course of action is to enjoy my skirts and dresses in the privacy of my home and let it go at that. <br />
<br />
I hope that future generations of men can know the real freedom of being able to wear what they want, when they want and not fear the opinions of others. But for now, I am best served in privacy.

The tragedy is not so much the dislike of men wearing skirts: that's a matter of taste. It's the idea that to do so is a sign that you cannot be trusted. I like to wear something a little feminine now and then, but would not do so outside the house; though only because I'd probably be the subject of a lot of unpleasant gossip and teasing.

If you don't feel you can wear skirts around town, then wear them when you are on vacation. That way you have the best of both worlds; you can be out in public, and you will soon see that most people will enjoy seeing you, and no one at home will ever know.

I will NEVER EVER understand why most guys are so insecure that they think they should only be wearing long pants or those stupid ugly looking baggy cargo pants that come down just past the knees that they call shorts? They are just simply too afraid to wear short shorts or short mini skirts in public. Women aren't afraid to wear whatever they please, why should guys be. Shave your legs guys and don't be afraid to show them off. Guys wearing short skirts in public is now coming back to society very quickly. If their is any women out their that don't like guys wearing skirts, then stop wearing mens clothing and go back too long dresses down too your ankles.

Hear Hear! even if you don't want to wear skirts in public then if you're going to wear shorts wear them at mid-thigh not mid-shin where they are neither one thing nor the other!

Girls almost took everything we had in the fashion industry. Now I want it back! I worn girl's MINI skirt with pantyhose out on the middle of a day sometimes without wearing make up ( I am not interested in pretending to be a girl, walking down the street so mean, trying to draw somebody's attention). <br />
I just purely enjoy the comforts of the garments, I am pretty confident & smiling all the time to the strangers, and I do not care what they say, to be honest.<br />
It is really no specie excuses should be made in order to wearing the most comfortable clothes in this planet, ever formally. <br />
I think only the guys who are so brave would do what we are doing right now. Because WE ARE those pioneers who are making a revolution, whom are creating a new mankind fashion history!

I totally agree. Men wore short skirts long before women did. Who took them away from us? Women did. Before WWII, Women would be laughed at for wearing long pants, now they can. Nobody laughes at them anymore or calls them crossdressers.

cowardly,spineless wimpy men? think about that? I wear cowboy boots and short shorts in public all the time. I have just never tried to wear a skirt in public yet.

I've worn cowboy boots with pointy toes and 5.5 inch heels and very short shorts in public and at home for years. I get nothing but complements, especially from some guys. I think you should be proud of the way you look and not be afraid to express yourself. I love the feel of these shorts and boots. I haven't tried a skirt as of yet, though.

Aren't you getting tired of cowardly, spineless & wimpy men who complain that they can't wear a skirt in public? Then there are those mentally ill who think that a man should wear a bra & have a girly name. Those clowns are not helping the rest of us. That "no underwear" thing may get you a life-long registered sex offender status. Being a pervert like that doesn't help us normal guys in a skirt either.

"mentally ill who think that a man should wear a bra &amp; have a girly name," this rhetoric borders on dangerous! It makes infinitely more sense to say it's on a tangent from innate realities, or illogical. I believe most of men passing as women is over-reaction to the problem of society denying choice to men. Don't forget there are many who will say any skirt on a man is "mental illness." That's the modern continuation of the sickening Roman Catholic Inquisition and the Protestant witch hunts---people were murdered by being called heretics or witches. Want to advance the cause of civilization? Discredit everyone involved in the appalling "mental health" movement! Deny them food and water for a distance of 400 miles from Rome, so to speak!

I am a jogger. I have nicely shaped tanned legs which I shave all the time so I can wear very short shorts and very short mini skirts. So why shouldn't I show them off. Years ago, guys wore short skirts all the time. What happened? Why don't they now? Like my mother told me one day, not to long ago, women would be the laughed at for wearing long pants in public. Now they do. If you don't call women crossdressers for wearing long pants, then why should guys be called crossdressers for wearing short skirts.

I love wearing mini skirts myself. I'm a straight guy. I don't know why us guys can't wear them in public. Women wear mens clothes in public. Why can't we wear thiers in public.I wear very short short skirts when I ride my dune buggy and dirt bike in my back yard. I got my dune buggy stuck in dirt once. My next door neighbour came and pushed me out and saw I was wearing a very short skirt. He liked the idea and started wearing mini skirts himself. I have to wear underwear cause my mini skirts are very short. I am going to start wearing mini skirts in public. I been wearing cowboy boots and short shorts in public for years. I always have people telling me how good it looks, so why not wear mini skirts. Besides, as I said before, women wear pants in public. If guys would quit being so insecure, and not worry about what people think about them, we would all be happier. Wear short skirts and even try cowboy boots and short shorts guys. Throw the long pants in the garbage. Shave your legs and show them off guys. Don't talk about it, lets just do it.

Thank you very much

I encourage you to go out in his skirt and be part of the solution, Instead of the wishful think.

Since the close of World War II, during which time 17 million USA women started wearing pants for the FIRST time during factory work (pants belonging to their husbands and brothers who went to war overseas), women started to progressively wear skirts and dresses less and less often. In a recent visit to the Dallas Museum of Art, I estimated that maybe 3% of females were wearing skirts/dresses. I was the only man in a skirt. It makes no sense for a basic lower body garment to fall into near total disuse because the faction (women) who's socially authorized to wear them, no longer chooses to do so, and men are forbidden that choice! But PSYCHIATRY and its slightly less toxic counterpart, psychology, never make sense, except to social totalitarians going all out to maintain the status quo conformity by tossing slander terms at nonconformists!

i also agree i would only wear skirts of all length and style with tall boots 5 inch hill . men should take a stand and girls would just have to deal with it . if nothing is showing nothing is wrong with it .

I am a 71 year young male inhave 3 denim skirts and two pair of knee high boots one brown one rlack .The skirts 3 different lengths calf ,knee higth and just above knee higth . I dont class myself as a cross dresser but i have always loved the look of women in skirts and knee high boots .I only wear them round the house and in the garden .My partner well she thinks i am a bit odd ,but i love it and feel comfortable .<br />
Skallywagg 02-0-2012

I wear skirts everyday at home , sometimes i will venture into the garden . My wife is scared a neighbour may see in my skirt !!!!! What horror . Not quite ready yet to walk the dog in my mini yet but hopefully it won't be to long befor i can cause a local skirmish .

I wear a skirt everyday,to work and when im not at work.I am just the same person as if i was wearing jeans,which i dont wear but maybe once a month at most.You should try it some time,then you would know why guys like skirts.And just a FYI,women adopted the skirt from the mens wardrobe,AND it wasnt until the 1930’s or so til women wore pants when women first started wearing pants,and they had the risk of being arrest.Do a google search on the history of the skirt.Dont be affraid.And most women like to see a guy in a skirt.As of last night i was standing in line at the cash register,the was a woman behind me and she said,” i really like your skirt” i then said ” thanks”.I told her “im was tired of just wearing pants”,she then said<br />
“i dont blame you,skirts are much better”….so give it a try,you will see what i am saying…

Im a single straight guy,not that has anything to do with wearing a skirt.But i wear a skirt everyday to work and when im not at work.I have many skirts.I like the pleated ones the best.It all comes down to the freedom of choice of what someone wants to wear.I wear a pair of jeans maybe once at month at best.I get many good comments form alot of women and guys also.Just last night,i was standing in line at the cash register,and there was a woman behind me,about mid 40's or early 50's and she said to me,” i really like your skirt” i then said ” thanks”.I told her “im was tired of just wearing pants”,she then said “i dont blame you,skirts are much better”….it was a red and white plaid skirt,so guys,give it a try,you will see what i am saying…

It's now getting on for four years since my original post, and for some reason it has started off forty or so comments, which is very encouraging. The interesting thing is that without exception, they are all in favour of men wearing skirts, but the fact is that still you see very few men actually doing it. It is the same here in the pub where I work at present. Quite a lot of people comment on me wearing a skirt, and all the comments are in favour, but still the men (and most of the women) still wear pants.

Why are women's clothes, such as skirts, so much more comfortable than men's pants? I have to wear my personal stash of skirts in complete private because my wife thinks it's weird. I think the world would be a much happier place if men weren't all bunched up all the time. And while I'm at it, what about underwear? Panties are more comfortable than briefs. They breath better which means less sweat in certain places. I have a stash of panties also, which I can wear more often as long as the wife doesn't know. But what's the point of air flow if they are stuck inside a pair of pants where there is no air?