First Time In Speedo

 I wore my Speedo for the first timea month ago.  It was great.  I was asked by my girlfriend to wear it to the beach with her.  She asked me to be hard the whole time and to make it bulge.  I did that the whole time and guess what happeneed.  A rep from Speedo came bye and offered me a job.  He said I can model for Speedo.  I showed up a week later, but got kicked out of the photo shoot.  I had an enormous wet spot on my suit.  It sucked ***.  I still wear my speedo though, ti feels great.
SpeedoBulger SpeedoBulger
22-25, M
2 Responses Jun 11, 2010

love the bulge!

You must have had a decent bulge and be well eqipted down there !!! Good on you.