Should Wear Speedos

My story is simple and common, when i was young, a boy, i use to wear speedos everywhere, but with the time, as i grow up, my brothers and friends start to say that speedos are bad, gay or just dont wear them, so, i wear shorts too, not speedos, but, this year i wake up, and decide to wear speedos, why not, who says those things?, few days ago, i went to the beach with my brother and some friends, so i bought a square speedo and wear it all weekend, nobody says anything bad about it, so, now i am more confident about wearing them.

One of my fantasies it's to wear a swim thong on beach or pool, but in my country its hard for it to happen, so, i am waiting for the chance to wear it.

have a nice day :)
nfelarias nfelarias
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2 Responses Jul 29, 2010

One year later, i complement my story, now i always wear speedos (not thongs yet but i am willing to) to swim, it feels great, get more tan and nobody says a thing, Thanks for the support...

wear what you want, when you want! That's my two cents