Speedos Are Amazing

I just love going into the changing room, taking off my shoes and clothes, then putting on my swim briefs. If they're swim trunks it doesn't feel as good although I'm not as apprehensive about being caught by my prude friends in them as much. But putting on a pair of swim briefs just feels so amazing. It just feels so proper with everything so snug and secured. Then walking away to the locker room to put my stuff away. Just an amazing feeling. When I get in the water and out, there is nothing to adjust or shift. I usually try to pull it out a bit and back so it doesn't cling so tightly to myself but from now on I think i'll just leave it outlining me perfectly naturally and beautifully.

It just accentuates me because my legs are toned which are wasted when i'm wearing anything but tight fitting swimwear. I cannot wait to be in a place where it is accepted and expected to wear such wonderfully cut pieces of apparel and the immature children who have problem with it would please go back to the states or where ever they're from where being ignorant and infantile is ok in public circles.
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@dk31 I'm in ireland, even though it's european, the confused identity shows with young men and women mirroring sentiments from across the Atlantic. The irony is that the fashion sense here is atrocious to say the least so i can't help but snicker when someone makes comments about speedos and they prance about in clothes that look like a reject from clown university.<br />
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However, speedos and others are more tolerated here than north america, even though it still has a lingering sense of the continental US for some reason. But i'd still take it over the americas/canada anyday in terms of cultural acceptance of swim wear because of the lnflux of other liberal european countries.

Oh! You are right. Nothing beats the feel of the boys being held neatly in place by the nice smooth fabric of the nylon or Lycra spandex of a Speedo. Years ago I became a lover of their freedom while on a swim team. The girls loved watching us in them and we felt so proud parading our 'goods' around almost naked in front of them. Of course, I'm sure some of us as well as a few other gentlemen were impressed with the "goods" packaged up like that. In the States, about the only place one can feel comfortable wearing a Speedo is if one is a member of a swim team. Oh! I miss those days. Even though I'm older now, I still maintain a swimmers tone body and own a couple of Speedo's. In the Navy I spent quite a bit of time in the Mediterranean and truly enjoyed being excepted anywhere on the beaches wearing nothing more than a very skimpy Speedo. Had I had more time I'm sure they would have lead to some very nice sexual experiences with both sexes. I now wear a jockstrap for the support under boxer swim trunks; but, nothing beats the 'skinny-dipping' feel of the smooth Speedo material and nothing else!

Can't agree with you more and just feels amazing and right.