A Speedo Wearer For Life!


I grew up wearing board shorts and swim suits but over the last ten years I have worn speedos on and off. I first started wearing them when I lived at an apartment complex in California that had a pool. I wear really nervous at first, but I went for it and was glad I did. I LOVE the tanline! I wouldn't talk to anyone and kept to myself. Eventually, I got up the nerve to wear one at the beach. Again, I felt a little awkward and kept to myself. I have always had a good body and speedos do look good on me, but I was concerned about the "gay" stigma, even though I don't care what sexual orientation anyone is. I moved to an apartment with a private balcony and would lay out on the balcony in speedos to get a great tan, but I still wanted to go "public" full time as a speedo wearer.

This past labor day weekend (or the week surrounding it) I had a friend who has a swimming pool.  She invited me over and I tild her that I wanted to wear speedos.  She said she didn't mind at all.  I went over the first day and we went out to her pool.  As she was taking off her clothes don to her bikini and setting up her towel on her seat I took off my shirt and then slipped my shorts off to my speedo.  It felt very freeing!  I was a little shy but she didn't make any comment until later when she told me that I had a nice body and looked good in my speedo. 

The last couple of weeks I found a swimming pook nearby and began swimming in speedos. I have gone just about everyday and nobody really cares what I wear. I can't swim in board shorts because they tend to want to come off when I swim. I can say that I am much more comfortable wearing speedos in public now that I have been swimming in them the last few weeks. I can't wait to get to the pool everyday so that I can put on my speedos and swim! If you're concerned about wearing speedos, drop your concerns. Once you go speedo you will never go back! They are comfortable, great for swimming, help with body issues and give you a terrific tan!


I have been regualry swimming at the local public pool in speedos.  I am no longer the least bit self concious about them.  In fact, I now look ofrward to swimming because I get to take time out of the day to wear speedos.  After I swim, and I do swim, I get out and dry off by sitting in the sun.  I have developed a terrific speedo tan, one that I am very proud of.  Because a lot of men wear speedos at the pool I am no longer self concious, either in the pool or in the showers.  One of my concerns was when I would shower and have the speedo tanline that I would get funny looks.  Nobody even cares because, first everyone knows why he is there, and second because most of the men have speedo tanlines.  It has even helped me be more comfortable being fully shaved (legs, chest, man area) and taking showers.  Some men aren't fully shaved, others are.  So nobody really cares, and if they are they don't make a big deal about it. 

I have also recently met a woman who absolutely loves speedos!  Yes, those women are out there.  I was quite surprised when I mentioned that I wore speedos and what her response was.  She hasn't seen me in them yet, but it is comforting to know that I don't have to feel self conscious or put up a fight if I choose to wear them around her swimming or suntanning.  In fact, it has even helped me admit to firends that I wear a speedo and not really care what their responses are!

Speedos are the best thing to happen to me in ages!!!

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I have also recently met a woman who absolutely loves Speedos! Yes, those women are out there....<br />
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Well duh, if you really wanted to get down to it, most women do... The only ones who don't are worried (homophobic). They just don't understand that normal guys comprise the 99.9% of men who wear Speedos. Cute, normal guys.... with great bodies.... Guys that most women would just love to be with in public, because they're all grown up, usually athletic (hey, can't beat them for that) and just awfully, awfully cute...

Congratulations. Sounds like you're really enjoying yourself, and that's what counts. Like you, I love the opportunity to swim because, as you say, it's a moment of the day in which I can wear swim briefs. Love doing my laps in the pool, strolling all the way around the pool towards the showers, and then leisurely showering off. I don't make it obvious that I'm showing off, even though, secretly, that's exactly what I'm up to! *wink wink*

Thank you! If my story can help someone, all the better! Really, there is no big deal wearing a speedo! In my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons by leaps and bounds!

Well done, you should continue the good work. As an Englishman have worn Speedo type swimwear all my life and still do so, finding it difficult to understand the reluctance to wear them in the USA. However I must admit most youngsters over the age of 10, and young male adults wear shorts nowadays in Brittain, and the wearing of brief swimwear is mostly among old men and young men who belong to swimming clubs and are proud of their swimming abilities.