First Time In Hawaii

I had always wanted to where speedos, it just seemed to make more sense. less restrictive, unless you are talking about your balls, and on the beach they really keep the sand out.

I was in hawaii with my wife and she encouraged me to get a pair and wear them to the beach. well i found a pair i liked and when we went to the beach i wore shorts over them at first. I was a little nervous about trying this, especially with so many people around. my wife pushed me a little to take off the shorts but I wouldn't budge until i say two other men in them, both with worse bodies than i had. I though if they can do it, so can i and off when the shorts. We played in the water for a while then my wife went back to the beach. I followed a few minutes later. she had already gotten the camera out and was taking pictures of my in the speedo. when I got ahold of the camera as saw the pictures I thought "I don't look half bad". I didn't get any awkward looks from people and I had become very comfortable by the end of the beach trip. the rest of the beach trips we made I only went with the speedo and now it is my suit of choice.
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3 Responses Jan 9, 2012

Hopefully many guys will follow your lead! :)

Good for you man!! Just remember that every guy wants to wear Speedos really, it's just that most - even if they have a good physique- fail to win the internal battle with their self-conciousness. Part of the male vitriol towards Speedos is down to a resentment that they don't have the courage and confidence that you do. Don't worry about any funny looks - those giving them are the losers....

Congrat! I started wearing speedo again about 2 years ago on Kaiui and had a great time. If you think it is too tight in the balls try Aussie Bum, They are made of Nylon and give more room for the package!