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alot of men at my health club wear Speedos..its esp fun for me to try to give a guy a hard-on when hes wearing one - it can be an embarassing exp for any guy! usually works in the sauna, the boys like to lean back to show off how hard they are - but there proud of it LoL! me wearing a thong helps them out a little i guess (: i saw some heads a few times to! some of the more "blessed" men actually pop out of the top of the that a bananna in your Speedos?
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Its not a bananna popping out of my speedo, I'm just happy to see you. I'd lean back to make sure he came all the way out due to your skimpy thong swimwear. I wouldn't be embarrassed at all. I like to show my muscles and ... Always good to hear of a girl that likes and supports guys in speedos. I always enjoy when a girl comes up to me and says something positive about my speedos.

I wouldn't be embarrassed at all - I'd be turned on to be sat in front of you with you admiring my hard-on. Plus my cockhead would definitely stick out of the top if I was hard and pointing up. If the speedos were a size too small, I think my whole **** would pop out when I got an erection.

I barely pop out lol

Well, I admit, I'd be embarassed if I caught you just looking at me in my swim briefs. But if you smirked pleasantly, I'd return the favor -- and it would make my day. I'd return to the showers with a smile AND a ... ahem, "banana". Always good to come across women who like and are supportive of men wearing Speedos -- and AREN'T afraid of or offended by what men naturally possess!

so hot babe wish i met u in the sauna

I enjoy expanding in my speedo! The embarrassment can be a fun part of the experience. When my wife and I were dating, we would be in the Jacuzzi at a local fitness center. She would reach over and rub the front of my speedo until I got hard, then say that we have to get out of the tub now. It was fun seeing the reactions of the other people in the tub, especially the women!

OMG I wish we belonged to the same health club.

I remember the first time I got a hard-on in my speedos. I was lying out by the apartment complex swimming pool and fell asleep for a little bit. I woke up with a woody. I felt somewhat embarrasses at the time and got in the water as soon as I could. Now days I don’t mind getting a hard-on in my speedos.

Last summer during Memorial Day weekend I was camping out at the lake and one afternoon I had to stop by the marina store to buy some ice. I notice they had a bar there so decide to go have a drink. I was wearing my stars and stripes speedo and a small tank top shirt. This lady came up to me and said, “Dude you are so hot.” She proceeded to kiss me and later as we were talking she could not keep her hands of me. She was rubbing my leg and kept getting closer to my midsection. Well I started to get hard and she loved it.

Hell, if your showing off I would be game for an ad.

A bananna ? That's my siamese twin, would ya like to meet him?

I wear my speedo to the gym for my pool laps. I cut out the lining and get one size smaller than I should wear. With my size I barely fit as it is. While in the sauna, Id definately lean back to show you how proud I am of my blessed, bigger than a bananna ****. My whole shaft and head would have popped out of my speedo waistband for you to see.

That is exactly what I'm aiming for at the moment. I have very brief speedos, and nikes which look painted on after a swim and feel oh so amazing and I've just bought some kiniki micro briefs which pushes the barrier on how low and skimpy I can go without being over the top.

Not much room for your hard-on LoL

It actually fits, kinda curls downwards and the rest is just pressed tightly outwards.

sounds hot n sexy (:
now just slowly pull em down letting him bounce out (:

ah the things you say ;)

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We have a pool at home and I wear a speedo as a suit. I work out and stay fit. I make sure I have abs during the summer. My wife keeps telling me that girls make fun of guys that wear a speedo, but when my daughter brings her g/f over for swimming, they seem to enjoy the view....may be a bit too much. They too do things just to see me get hard and come out of my suit (obviously without my daughter knowing). Anyway, it's been a fun summer at the pool.

I love looking at a guys speedo outline..its even more fun if I tease and excite him a little (:

In the sauna, I like to lay on the bench below the men (:
When I get up to sit or lay on a higher bench, I could see they were enjoying the view...I'm such a show-off :D

I've seen men that looked like they were gonna rip right out of a Speedo LoL

i know how you feel hotfox, i love to tease the guys in their speedos too!!

yup (:
If they wanna wear one, they hvta deal with the consequences if things get hard LoL

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You sound awesome, bet you are so much fun to be around. Xx

Would you swim for me in a very cute thin nylon speedo? LOL <br />
(I'll bet you're pretty cute, too.)

maybe :D

This morning at my hotel a cute guy came out and swam laps in the hotel pool an hour in a small red nylon speedo. Made my day.

would love to see a pic of you in your thong. What color is it?

We call them "buddgie smugglers". I love having a hard on with nowhere to hide. I always wondered how many women actually liked taking a sneaky peak.

trust me, we LOOK ! were just better at it (:

Where is that health club?

haha thats so funny. exactly why i dont wear speedos. not that i have a problem with showing off my **** if someone wants to see it.

When u wear a Speedo, I guess your dong becums public property for all to see (:

yeah and having a hardon in the swimming pool is embarrassing enough without wearing skin tight speedos lol.

Men and boys may be embarrassed , but its just a natural reaction...I am actually flattered when a man talks to me and has a hard on...its esp fun when he plays it off, and just keeps talking... I play his game, allowing myself to get caught eye balling his **** on purpose.. and we both pretend nothing unusual is going on (:

omg haha if i caught you eyeballing my package id deffinatly start to grow. when it happens all u can do is say nothing and hope that hope that if anyone sees it then they dont think u are a pervert. its happened to me a few times but never directly infront of someone while talking to them lol.

funny cos most the time whenever it happened, the guy acts like nothing is out of the ordinary lol!

yeah but i bet that inside he is thinking 'omg she is going to freak out, i hope she hasnt noticed how much she is turning me on' lol. although i must admit, i do kinda like the though of being exposed and humiliated in that way.

i totally keep my composure and play along, like nothings happening..i even let him catch me taking quick peeks (: that can really turn a guy on, and put him inti 100% total hard on mode (:

yes i can imagine that would really get me rock hard. and knowing that i was fully exposed to you would make me blush like crazy. i wouldnt know what to do. but id be so embarrassed and turned on by that. id just have to hope i didnt start leaking precum too haha

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That's why they call them "banana hammocks"! You're just the sort of woman this society needs a heck of a lot more of. I was sunbathing in the park in my Speedos yesterday and I'm planning on doing the same today. Any opportunity to wear is not one to be wasted.

Funny, too bad you don't help them out. When I was 13 vacationing in Florida I remember a man coming out of the ocean walking towards us and he was wearing a small white speedo. Damn thing was see thru when wet and grossed my sister & I out.

If I helped I wuld never tell LOL !

Hot Fox, if I ever have a girlfriend / wife like you, I'd wear one all the time except when you / she / someone decides she needs "it" in which case they would be in the way.

I would love to pay some attention to you

hot10fox!<br />
It is very refreshing that an attractive young lady enjoys men in speedos.<br />
A straight guy, I am 46 and in very good shape and wear sexy brief black speedos whenever I go to the local pool or sunbathing at home or at the beach or at a sauna. Our pool has mostly female lifeguards and a couple always smile broadly and chat when they see me in them. I always get a BIG thrill (one of the lifeguards always keeps me poolside chatting for as long as she can!) ... and when I get excited with this, and/or seeing a sexy lady in a swimsuit or bikini, I enjoy the embarssment....<br />
Live your life, don't hurt anyone, and forget about those (men and women) uncomfortable in their own sexuality, who spurn speedos while critiqueing those of us who prefer the comfort and look, not least for better swimming, that they give us.<br />
We are all different shapes and sizes, so live and let live, and be nice to one another.<br />

I can be sitting next to a guy in the sauna and his **** can be standing straight up in his speedo! Funny thing is that sometimes the guy will be leaned back showing off his hard knob and we will just keep on talking like there's nothing going on! Crazy...**** just wants to rip outta those things!

I live in Florida near Miami. Every now and then I'll go stay at a Deco hotel with my girlfriend for the weekend. Most men in Miami where speedos at the hotel pools so my girlfriend got me one to wear when we're at a hotel. I really enjoy wearing them around other women. I've noticed that many women, like you, enjoying seeing men in speedos. And I've seen and spoken to many that flirted with me just like you do. And yes, they have gotten me hard. I love seeing them staring at my bulge. It's especially exciting when I come out of the pool and my suit is wet and clingy, showing off my outline perfectly. Thanks for speaking out for women. I know that many women enjoy seeing a hard-on in a speedo.

Ooh, you're so naughty giving guys boners through their Speedos. Not something that can be helped! But thank you for being tolerant of it. You recognize that guys have a right to show off too, that's a great thing.

its actually sorta flattering to know that im having that much effect on a guy LoL! its fun for me to give a guy a giant hard on in a Speedo cos those tiny things just arent made for that type thing!

Funny, I think they were made exactly for that sort of thing, heheh. Sorry. True though. Try giving a guy in baggy dork shorts a stiffy. You wouldn't notice it. Anyway, I've always thought that if a woman can show off her "rack" in a bikini, then men should be granted the same equality to display what makes them what they are! Nice to know some females out there agree.

i love the fact that you enjoy playing the role of the tease... keep it up!

You're a big 'ol tease :D But I'll never understand why Americans insist of wearing clothes in saunas...

the sauna at my club is co-ed, so there are rules..u cant be nude

It's still kind of prudish ;) You have to forgive me, I grew up in Scandinavia :) It's the opposite of what you've described in your story. People are allowed to go nude in a co-ed sauna but if you get excited people expect you to cover up!

Wow hot10fox. Would you like to see me, a 'smaller' man in speedos or is it only 'bigger' guys who are fun? I also wear thong underwear, but only for sports. Been told I have nice *** too, but not much up front.

I wouldnt dare wear Speedo-style because all you would see between my legs is a gherkin pickle that grows to Dill size - perhaps a baby-size banana at best.

As I lifeguard at a pool where one REALLY cute guy comes in to swim laps my day is made by the speedo this guy wears. He has like 4-5, but my favorite is an older solid red speedo. It just shows the outline of his rather cute p*nis and balls so well.... Funniest though is when the drawstring hands out through his crotch. It reminds me of a tampon string. My question to you: does he do it on purpose? Do you think that's cute, too?

That's an awesome story--I wish there were some hot girls in my area that enjoyed guys in a speedo.