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let me start my story with a little fyi, i am a 23 yr old married man. I weight train 5x a week(not bodybuild, recreational lifting), I am 6" 175lbs. I have worn board shorts my whole life. A few weeks ago as a joke, I ordered a pair of speedo swim briefs. Thought it would be a good laugh with friends at the beach. When my suit arrived in the mail I couldnt help bit try it on. it fit nicley, to my surprise I found it veruy comfortable. When my wife got home she giggled a bit, but said it showed off my body nicely. Not sure if shes really into speedo or not. I now wear my speedo in the privacy of my back yard with my wife to tan. I think im hooked, they feel great and I get a better tan. They dont chafe my legs like my boatd shorts do. I wish I had the courage to wear them to our local beach. Im proud of my body and am not ashamed to show it, but I know people make snyde remarks about men in speedos. Ive never seen anyone else my age wear them, I guess bc they arent "cool". Maybe one day theyl make a comeback in the US so I can enjoy them at the beach without ridicule.i never thought id b caught dead in a speedo until I tried them with an open mind. before I was one of those people who made tje smart remarks about guys wearing them, but now I see how comfortable they are. I like them so much that I just ordered a second one.
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If people find you attractive, it gives you confidence, and trust me, that makes you feel a million dollars even if you don't know why or feel insecure.

You need to move to Europe...most men wear these on our local beach on the French Riviera!

We have the long shorts here too so the option is there to wear what you want without anyone looking or commenting! We have topless sunbathing and swimming here too of which I part-take in gladly!

Congrats on your first step! You are more fit than I am by a long shot, so go out and have fun with wearing your speedo. You also have a great wife to come along with at the beach so you are not going alone.<br />
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Unfortunately, there is not any eastern beaches that more guys wear them. I was in MD a few years back with a few friends, and no one had a pair on--only me.<br />
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Just keep wearing them--you have worked hard for getting yourself in shape. Dont worry what people say or think! If you ever get up north (MD, NJ area), gimmie a shout!

Nice work man! Ok baby steps first uh? - at least you've tried it now and you'll no doubt try it again soon. The more you try it the more comfortable you'll become as you start to realise that even in the US it's really only a tiny minority of people that are stupid and immature enough to be frightened by a man's body and you really shouldn't let them dictate what you wear to the beach. I guarantee you - the majority of people will be admiring you both aesthetically and for having the guts to wear Speedos - which is something that all men wish they could do - whatever they might say publicly.

We arrived at the beach late in the afternoon(around 4). We found a slightly less crowded spot on the beach and I pulled off my shorts to reveal my speedo. I liked it, for the most part. My wife and I enjoyed tanning for a couple hours. In which I didnt stray far from our "spot". Had a few couples walk past. One older man gawked n kind of gave me a look that said eew. I was thinking dude, Im thinking the same thing about how u are staring at me! His wife smiled and kept <br />
walking. I didnt get to try swimming in my speedo, things started to get crowded so I put my shorts back on. I feel disapointed in myself that I didnt bear them with pride and keep wearing my briefs. I got a little shy. Is there any speedo friendly beached in nc were I might not b the only one wearing briefs?

Speedos ARE cool, it's the guys that are scared to wear them that aren't. I don't see how being so ashamed of you own body that you feel the need to hide it behind baggy shorts can be described as cool. You do need a certain amount of confidence to wear Speedos and confidence is cool....

My wife and I are going to the beach saturday. Think im gonna give it a shot. Id like to try somewhere a little secluded for the first test run.

Go for it man!! - you won't regret it. You will soon realise that all the bad reactions that you fear, are all in the mind and that the vast majority of people at the beach couldn't give two hoots what you're wearing - if anything you're more likely to get good reactions. If you have a good physique as it sounds like you do - then you are beyond ridicule. People need to start learning the facts of life instead of running away from them - we shouldn't pander to their ignorance... Be sure to let us know how you get on?

You should give AussieBums a try. I like the way they fit, much more comfortable than a Speedo.

Well done that man!! - Welcome to the club! Just remember if you have a good physique - then there is nothing for anyone to ridicule. If anyone laughs - it is their own embarrassment that is causing the laughter and it only lasts a few seconds and then it stops - as people they realise that it is ridiculous to laugh at the anatomy which roughly half the world's population has in common. Believe me it works - just be bold and confident and it forces people to shut the **** up! Speedos will never make a come back unless we tackle this absurd trend of men being ashamed of their bodies and hiding behind baggy shorts. This is becoming my catch-phrase - but if we wear them, they HAVE to be accepted!!! Just do it!