Finally Going To Do It...

I'm a straight athletic guy, i've done a few triathlons and have been wearing speedos to train for a long time. For some reason, they have always been a huge turn on for me, but I've never taken them out of the pool environment. I've worn em to the beach under a pair of shorts a bunch of times, but I have always chickened out. Well, that's going to change tommorrow.

I was talking to a female friend of mine and somehow the topic came up. She asked to see me in them. I figured if i couldn't show it in front of a trusted friend, how could I ever do it in public? So, I tried on one of my more basic racing suits. She loved it. That led to a fashion show of other suits in my collection. She LOVED the red Arena in my profile picture. She said she wanted me to wear it to the beach, and asked if I would feel any more comfortable if she came with me. I said probably, but there is still a chance i'll chicken out - ESPECIALLY because that suit is so tiny (got it back in college). She then asked me "What if you don't have a choice?" Essentially she proposed that i give her my shorts as we arrived at the beach. It would be her discretion on when i got them back. How could I resist?

Right now i'm a mix of really excited and really apprehensive. I guess i'm not 100% sure I look ok enough in them to not offend the beach going crowd.. i don't know. Just out of my comfort zone.

Anyway, we're heading to a local beach in the morning. I agreed to give up the baggy shorts at the parking lot. The beach is a semi-crowded beach (not the popular teenagers, kids.). I didn't want to go to some totally isolated beach, that defeats the purpose. I wear em in my backyard to tan all the time.

Anyway... here goes nothing. Any advice?
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Yeah I know this was posted last year but kudos to the speedo-beach wearing! I actually do triathlons too and wore a brief for a sprint this past weekend...LOVED IT versus the long tri shorts!

Go for it man!<br />
And check out "" for some really cool "speedo type" swimsuits.<br />
This gal obviously likes you and your body, so offer her a view!

I can't give you any advice on speedos but I would like to know how your trip to the beach went :)

Thats awesome! Be sure to put the update here how it went!<br />
<br />
Id love to get the same opportunity with a girl heading to the beach also!

My other advice would be to wear a pair that fits properly though... if you wear them too small, it doesn't look good...

You probably want to start by asking yourself how you ever got to the point where you feel the need to chicken out of wearing them to the beach in the first place - or just what is it that has changed to make straight men so ashamed of their bodies? Then you should probably move on to ask yourself what gives petty minded, immature individuals who cannot face the facts of life, the right to dictate to you what you wear on the beach? A stage further and you could ask yourself what exactly is there to be scared of anyway? You're a man with a man's body and if people don't like it they can just **** off! Take back control and do what YOU want - don't waste your time worrying about what other people think - the chances are the majority of them will appreciate seeing you in Speedos anyway....