Finally Did It...

Per my post from a few days ago - yesterday I wore a speedo on the beach for the first time. Read that post for details on the backstory, but long and short of it, a girl friend of mine agreed to force me to finally wear them on the beach by taking my shorts at the parking lot of the beach.

So just before we left the house, she said "i've changed my mind....i dont want you to wear baggy shorts at all. I want you to put on square cuts over your red suit. Leave the baggies here." Excited beyond belief - i did what i was told and put my little red arena on underneath my blue aussiebum square cuts. Then she said all i could bring was a tshirt, flip flops, lotion, a chair and a hand towel - not a towel big enough to cover me. Again, i did as i was told.

I was nervous all the way there. When we arrived she let me walk on the beach with my shirt on...then commanded it off, but let me keep the square cuts on for about 15 minutes. She made me walk to the water...and walk around (not just lie down) to get used to it. Finally she said the words - "ok, off with them!" Per her instructions i took a deep breath and in front of a beach full of people i ******** off the blue square cuts.

I was free and I could not have felt better. Few grins, few points...but no negative comments. One positive "nice suit" Other than that - the rest of the day was the water, on the towel...where ever i wanted. great. So great that i did it again myself.

I'm hooked.
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8 Responses May 13, 2012

best keep this lady!

I second that, Welcome to the club.

Sometimes it needs a female guidance to get the best out of a man - in your case: wearing a speedo :)

Dexas, I agree. Same in my area.

So proud of you man, you look hot in them and they feel so great. I wear them all the time.

You have been to a nude beach, so this had to be nothing to you. Glad you got to experience it. must have been exhilarating. keep it up, can't wait to see what you do next.

Awesome! I wish my area was more receptive to speedos or even the square cuts. Seems like all the guys around here might as well wear long pants to the beach.

Great that you've finally been able to enjoy one of the essential aspects of being a man. I don't know how we got to the place where grown men are embarrassed and ashamed of their own bodies - but I'm glad that some of us are deciding to kick the vile habit of hiding ourselves away, for fear of offending the immature and the prudish. Why on earth should we be so concerned about what they think????