Another Vacation Speedo Ever!!!

Just got back from an incredible weekend trip. I hit the jackpot on this one. Didn't know it, but there was an aquatics convention at the hotel. The attendees were mostly female and they worked as aquatic aerobic instructors. I'd say there was in excess of 200 at the hotel. Throughout the day they had sessions in one of the pools. The rest of the time, they would head to their lounge chairs and just hang out.
After realizing this when I arrived Friday, I made a plan for the next morning. I headed to the pool early and placed towels on various chairs around all 3 pools, so that I would have options as to where I sat. I then went and had breakfast. About an hour later I headed to the pool to see how my towel placement luck worked out. The first 2 that I check out had new towels on all the chairs around mine, but no people. There was an aerobics session going on and many were in the middle pool participating.
I went to the 3rd pool and had a nice surprise. Sitting right next to my chair were lying 4 nice looking women. They were all in their late 20's I'd say. Normally I'd be a little apprehensive about walking up to women of that age in a speedo, but luckily, I'd say that what few men were at this conference, most were wearing speedos, so these women that work in aquatics are used to it.
I got real excited at this point of the prospect of these 4 women checking me out in my speedo. I headed to the bathroom and put my speedo on. I barely got it on before I started to get an erection. I pushed it to the side, grabbed my backpack and headed to my chair. I was only partially hard, but feeling like I was good enough for my entrance. As I approached, the women were talking and really didn't take notice of me until I put me stuff down and adjusted the chair. The one blonde, that was really cute, glanced over at my package and gave me a quick smile. I decided to head to the pool so that I could get my suit wet and more clingy. The water was really warm. I swam across the pool and back and rest my arms on the side of the pool. I immediately felt water rushing past my leg. Every pool is different, so you never know where the water jets are. Sometimes they're on the bottom of the pool which is not good for me. This one, not only was right where I needed it, but it was probably one of the strongest I'd ever felt. It was just at the right height for me to turn my body towards and have it blasting right at my crotch. Usually when I use a water jet, it might take 5 minutes and some seriuos thought to help with maximizing my erection, but this jet was so swift, that I got a full blown erection in about 15 seconds. This was perfect! I could go into the pool whenever I needed to harden up. I quickly adjusted my package to the side of my speedo and headed to the stairs of the pool. At this point 2 of the women were talking and not really paying attention. The blonde that smiled at me was watching me and waiting for me to get out of the pool. My excitement was at a peak. I slowly walked out of the water and could feel that I was completely hard and my speedo was clinging to my package perfectly displaying the outline of my head and balls. She immediately tapped her friend next to her to check me out. As I walked to my chair, I watched as they had their eyes glued to my wet dripping package. I got to the chair and smiled to them as I picked up my towel and began to dry off. At this point, the other 2 women noticed that I was standing there drying off. I love being on show like this. Here I am standing with a total hardon in front of 4 women checking me out. I dried off and then lied down on my towel. What seemed like just a moment later, the 4 women got up to head to one of the water sessions. As they all stood up, I pretended to have my eyes close, but was peeking through my eye lids watching them all take a nice look down at me as they walked by. What a thrill. The classes had switched out, so it was time to move on to my other chairs and see who was next to me there.
I headed to one of the other pools. Most of the session that had let out was now at this pool. There were very few chairs left. I spotted my chair and towel. It was completely surrounded by women. There were 5 to one side, another 4 on the other side, a row of 10 chairs were behind my row and they were all occupied by women! Whoo who!!! I had to head to the bathroom to get myself partially hard again so that I looked good walking up. This time I got a little bolder and figured I'd show up wet like I had just gotten out of the other pool. I went into the bathroom and jumped in the shower with my speedo on. I got my self nice and hard and then slipped on a **** ring to keep me hard. I got out of the shower and wiped my face, but not the rest of me. I grabbed my backpack and headed to my chair. There were too many women to look at, so did know how many were checking me out, but I could definitely feel the eyes on me. This time, since I was already hard, I sat down on my chair. The women right next to me said hello. I said hi. She asked me if I was there for the conference. So she didn't think I was some creep crashing the conference, I told her that I was there with my girlfriend and that she was attending it. I then sat back and put my feet up. My hardon was raging! I adjusted the chair so that I could lie back and really display my hardon. I put my sunglasses on so that I could pretend to have my eyes close while I watched the women check me out. For the next half hour I just laid there sporting a solid erection that every women walking by was checking out. I've never been around that many women with a hardon. It was so exciting! I was the only man at that pool at the time and there were no kids around so I could just really enjoy the moment and show off my package.
After a awhile, I started getting really warm, so decided to hit the pool. I was still I'd say 80 % hard, so still looking and feeling good. As soon as I got in the pool, In swam around in search of the water jet. Trying not to look too obvious, I found one and rested my arms on the side of the pool. This jet wasn't quite as powerful, but just at the right level. I immediately started getting rock hard again. This time though, the jets made my **** slip straight up. This actually felt good changing the position and got me even more excited. I had to adjust it slightly to the side and up, because if I let it just go straight up towards my waist, it could pop out the top. I was so hard, that I could feel it straining the fabric of my speedo. Well, this I though ws going to be my best show ever. I started getting out of the water. My erection was throbbing. As I exited the water, I could feel my speedo skin tight against my 100% erect penis. Because I cut out the lining for better visibility, I was bowing out to one side. You could see perfectly the outline of my entire shaft, my head and my balls. I had at that point, about 15 women that were in plain site of me. I almost came in my speedo from the excitement. I headed to my chair, picked up my towel and started drying off. I face the 5 women nearest me and rub the towel across my chest, then up and down my legs passing over my rock hard package. It was so exciting knowing that these women were all looking at me in all my glory. I finished drying off, grabbed my backpack and headed to the bathroom to regroup.
One more pool to go. I peeked around to see who was at the next pool by my chair. This time, there was only one women sitting right next to my chair. The rest were in the current session. I changed my plan of attack since it was only one woman. I decided to get more personal before she saw me in my speedo. I went to the bathroom, dried off and put my regular shorts on. I dried my hair as much as I could, combed it and put a shirt on. I then headed to my chair. The woman next to me was quite attractive. She had dark hair, was thin and had a cute green bikini on. Once again, all of the chairs were taken around mine, but she was the only one there. I walked up and looked at my chair with the towel on it that I had put earlier and said to her, "excuse me but I'm pretty sure this is my towel and chair. No one else was sitting here were they?" She replied, "not that I know of. It must be yours". I said thank you and rearranged the towel and the upright position of the chair. I sat down and asked her if she was here for the conference. She said that she was, but needed a break to relax and get some sun. I told her that I was there on business, but not for the conference. I asked her if she had been in the pool yet and how was the water. She said yes and that it was nice and warm. I said that I had finished my business and like her, needed to relax and take a swim. She said that I should. I told her that I needed to change and would she watch my bag while I changed into my suit. She said yes, so I opened my bag and pulled out my speedo so that she saw what I was changing into. She smiled and said those are great suits. I told her that I liked them because they are comfortable and give you good tan lines. And I said, the women here don't seem to mind them at all. She again smiled and said, well we see them all the time at our conferences and at our YMCAs. I told her I'd be right back and thanks for watching my chair.
Again, I headed to the bathroom. Put my speedo back on, rubbed myself till I started getting hard again, put my **** ring on and headed back to my chair. She was still sitting by herself. I held my shirt and shorts in front of me so that she didn't see my package yet. I bent over and put my stuff down and got on my chair. I wanted to move a little slower with this one, because it seemed like she like me and something more that just showing myself off to her might happen. I sat with my knees up so that she could not really see my package yet. We talked smalltalk for about 10 minutes, when she said it is really hot, I'm going to get a drink. She asked me if I wanted anything, but I said no thank you. I figured this would be a good time for me to get a good hardon going for when she came back. She got up and left, and I immediately headed to the pool. I jumped in real quick, found the water jets and moved up to them. Took me about a minute to get a nice erection. I put it to the side and headed back to my chair. Luckily, she was not back yet. I put quickly dried off, put my towel back down and then laid back on the chair. I dropped the back down so that I could lay flat on my back. I kept watching for her to come back. My **** was completely erect again and pointing to one side. The good thing about laying down is that the speedo tightly kept my hardon to the side so that it looked big, but was not crazy obvious. Finally she was coming back. She said, "wow, I see that you already went in the pool." I said yes it was hot so I had to get wet. She sat down next to me. The chairs were so close that she was probably 2 feet from my hardon. I slightly sat up while talking, but did not want to completely sit up because my package was practically in her face. I knew she glanced at it, but was hoping that she didn't notice that it was literally throbbing again. She smiled again and said to me, "I'm glad you picked this chair." I said me too and that it was really nice to meet her. She looked at my speedo and said, " you really fill that suit out, do you always get that way in a speedo?" Now I'm feeling embarrassed but flattered and now even more excited. I said, well that fabric has that effect on most men that wear them, but for me, it's also my surroundings and who I'm being seen by. She smiled and blushed, and said, "oh I see, well I guess I should be flattered" I said to her, most definitely! She then asked me if I wanted to go in the pool again, so I said sure. As we stood up and headed to the pool, she glanced down at my hard package and smiled again. I'm in heaven at this point thinking this is going somewhere!
We entered the pool and were talking some more. I noticed over her shoulder that a large group of women were coming to the pool. The other session had let out and 25-30 women were all settling down on their chairs all around the pool. Every chair filled up around ours. She noticed as well and said, looks like the other session is done. I asked her if she was doing any more sessions and she said no, I'm done for the day. That comment was what I was hoping for. I said maybe we can grab a drink together at the pool bar after we dry off. She said great. My **** was still hard in the pool and got even harder when I saw all of the other women coming back to their chairs. She said, "Well now you got me thirsting for a real drink, so why don't we go dry off and get one. I said ok and headed to the stairs. So now we have to walk by about 20 some women to get to our chairs. I'm thinking it's so cool now that I'm with a woman and not by myself. So we get out of the pool and start walking back to our chairs. As we're talking, I'm noticing heads turning to check out my dripping wet, hard package. What a turn-on! We got back to our chairs and began drying off. I saw that she noticed other women checking me out and she smiled. She didn't know any of these women because they were from all over the country.
As we were finishing drying off, she threw her towel down, grabbed her purse and was ready to go. I was finishing drying off and reached for my bag. I pulled out my shorts to throw on over my speedo. She looked down and said, "oh don't do that". I played dumb and said what? She said, "you don't need to wear shorts to go to the pool bar." Now I'm nervous. I like showing off when I can throw a towel or clothes on if I feel the need, but now she's wanting me to leave my short, towel and everything on the chair. To top it off, she says that she's buying so I don't need anything. I reluctantly say ok and we start heading to the pool bar. The pool bar was at the other pool area about 500 feet away. I was nervous, but so excited. I wouldn't have walked there by myself, but with a woman, it seemed ok. I just didn't know what to expect at the bar, and what she wanted to do. At this point, because I was so nervous, my erection had gone down quite a bit, but with the **** ring on, I was still 50% hard. As we turned the corner to the b outdoor bar, I see that all sessions are out and there are probably 50 people around the bar and sitting at tables. There were a few men, but it was still mostly women. Many were getting lunch at this point. Approaching that bar with so many women at is again started making me excited. as we walked up to the bar, we had to pass tables and women were checking out my bulge from all angles. We got up to the bar and there was one stool left. I pulled it out for her and told her I would stand. She ordered us a couple of beers, grabbed one and spun in her stool to give mine to me. As she spun around, her knee brushed the length of my hard penis. She felt it and looked down and said, "whoops. Sorry.Hope I didn't hurt you." I said no, I'm fine. She looks down again and say, "yah, I guess I can see that." Now I'm rock hard again with the biggest erection of the day. I'm standing here at the bar with a lot of women looking at me and I have nowhere to hide. I love exhibiting myself, but this is just crazy fantasy now. She says, "now I see why you maybe wanted those shorts." Now I'm embarrassed again and say, yah...I think so. She's like, "don't worry about it, you look great and I'm the envy of at least several women here for sure!" Then she says, "let's go back to the pool." I'm like relieved to get out of there, even though it was so thrilling.
We get back to the pool and head to our chairs. She tells me, "it was quite a thrill taking you to the bar like that. I liked the other women looking at you and checking out your man parts. I love that they knew that I was with you." She now opened the door to my confession. When we got back to our chairs, I said let's go in the pool again. Once we got in the pool, I told her that that was one of the most exciting, sexy things that had ever happened to me, and that it was because of her. I said thank you, that was incredible. She said that she got a real thrill out of it to, and liked other women checking out my hardon. She then moved through the water to me and planted a huge kiss on me. I put my arms around her and started to kiss her back. She pulled her body close to me where she could easily feel my erection under my speedo. She says, "this is fun. I'm going to show you off all day. I hope you don't mind." I'm like, are you kidding me, this is a huge thrill. I said it is such a turn-on having her knowing that I like to show off, and now she wants to assist me, and I just met her! She said, "I noticed the women looking at you by our chairs when we first went swimming, well this time they'll really have something to check out." She then reaches out with her right hand and begins rubbing my **** side to side under the water. After about 30 seconds, my penis was once again rock hard. She grabbed it and adjusted it more straight up. The head was just barely staying under the waist band. She said, "this will look better and show them more." I did not resist and said I'm ready to get out. As we got out of the pool, my **** was so hard and erect that It was pointing straight up and pressing on my speedo so hard. With the lining out and being so wet, and having a total raging hardon, the women could perfectly see the outline of everything. We walked to our and a few of the women were almost gasping. I stood there withing feet of the women next to us with the hardest **** that I think that I have ever had. I might as well of had nothing on, it was that visible. My new friend was drying herself off, then surprised me by reaching her towel around me and drying off my speedo, then moving it all around practically exposing me. I'm not sure, but it felt like the head of my penis slipped out a few times. The jaws of the women next to us dropped.
Well needless to say, soon after, we went back to my room and had incredible sex. We spent the rest of the night together, and this was just day 1! More to come in part 2.
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Excellent story....HORNEY!

Definitely an ultimate fantasy and a very erotic story to read and dream of emulating. I think I'd have wanted to find an opportunity to come out in the open though.

awesome story ultimate fantasy

Loved the story. You're a braver guy than me. I wore a Speedo once back when I was in my 20's on vacation. Went for a scuba lesson in Mexico. The female instructor started licking her lips once she got a look a my **** bulge. She couldn't take her eyes off of it! Loved it and still remember it after all these years. May try it again in Hawaii!!

Hot story - I would have liked to be there to see it!

Wow great story.

Hope you had sex with her while wearing your speedo! Check out my stories of my girlfriend and myself. We have speedo/swimsuit sex regularly where I wear one of her one pieces most of the time.

WOW I am so wet right now!
I often woundered if men did this on purpose and loved the attention. I wouls have definatally backed into you in the pool to feel that **** against my ***.

Nice that my story made you wet. I love that you would enjoy seeing me hard in my speedo. Any suggestions on how to excite other women with my hardon in my speedo? Also, how can I approach women when I'm hard and start a conversation with them? I've thought about asking them to take my picture so that my girlfriend that gave me the speedo could see that I actually wore them while on vacation. What do you think?