Tight Speedo One, Braggers Zero

While I was at college I had dormitory wing of really cool guys. My roommate Jake was a nice guy. He went home every weekend which gave me a lot of freedom for female guests. Besides his smoking, he was a good roommate. All the guys in our wing all got along really well. The only fly in the ointment was Bob. He was a privileged child who liked to brag about his families wealth. He also had his cute, skinny girlfriend Nina up at school in the same co-ed dorm as us. She was practically his roommate as he had her over for sex very often and would bring it up as another thing to brag about.
Bob was lots of fun when he wasn’t bragging about what car he got when he turned 16, his family vacations, his job with his Dad after college, the family boat or how often he gets laid from Nina. I always thought he was, dare I say it, overcompensating for a SHORT coming. We were all in our late teens or early twenties back in the late 70’s. Jake and I were the youngsters in the lot at 18. This means I was about 4 years into my obsession with tight fitting Speedos. The school was on a lake that all of us would sometimes swim in. I was the only one who swam in a Speedo in our group of friends and Jake would ask me about how they feel if they were more comfortable and such. Back then Speedos were more common and I never got any negative comments. Nina was probably the second most interested person to ask me about my Speedos. I don’t think it was to see her boyfriend Bob in it because he was short and chubby and she seemed to notice the young men with the swimmer’s bodies. I never got a hard-on in the cold lake, but I suspected that if I was more Nina’s type (Very tall, handsome and thin) she would be even more interested. I was more of a handsome hunky monkey.
It was then that it hit me, one way to knock Bob down a notch from all his bragging. Jake was very tall and very fit. Once when Nina had trouble closing her belt and Bob and Jake teased her about getting fat. She was far from fat, but she said that neither of them to fit into the belt. Jake took the belt from Nina and lifted up his shirt. Jake was able to comfortably wear it around his thin belly. Nina said she thought the belt looked sexy tightly gathered over his abs. At the same time she seemed to forget herself and gently extended her fingertips to touch his abs. Nina moved her hand slow as if she would get an electric shock by making contact to Jake’s hard contours. This attention Nina gave Jake got Bob very jealous. All I had to do is pimp out my roommate to Nina. I had my Speedos hanging up in our dorm room. I liked to see them and select the Speedo of the day for my swims. On the weekend I would pour myself into my tight blue Speedo and wear it to bed since Jake was never around. A while back Jake asked me why I never wear my blue Speedo, and I told him I bought the wrong size and it was too tight on me and probably too tight on him too. It was sort of a challenge to Jake to wear it like the belt challenge from Nina. So I asked Jake if he would like to participate in an act that would not only give him some sexual attention from cute, thin Nina but also shut Bob up. Nina was Jake’s type of gal and he couldn’t resist.
Later that day, we all went back to our rooms to change and go to the dining hall. Jake put on the size extra small blue Speedo under his tightest jeans. After diner we all wound up in one room to talk. Bob used these chats as foreplay to brag about his material things before he and Nina would go back to his room to ****. Jake and I controlled the conversation to focus around today’s men’s fashion, specifically tight designer jeans. Eventually Nina asked Jake about his jeans and that she never saw him in them before. Jake said this was the first day he could fit in them since he pick them up almost a year ago. Jake said that he normally could never get them fully zipped close but today found out how he could. She was very curious and he gave her the detailed procedure. Jake said that he squeezed into a seriously tight Speedo then pulled the jeans up as high as he could. Next, he had to lie on the bed to close them and use a pair of pliers to zip them up. Nina’s eyes were wide open and her mouth was even twitching during Jakes description. I thought she was having an ****** right there. He said to Nina that he didn’t like the way they looked. She disagreed and said they looked great on him and he should wear them all the time. Jake retorted that the tight jeans made him look like a girl. He said he suspected that they were girl’s jeans. I think the jeans may have been about four inches too small for him. This kept him in a very erect state. Nina suggested that Jake stand up and turn around so she can see what he was talking about. Nina said to Jake that he was mistaken and that the jeans with the masculine pocket design made his *** look really great. Jake said it was the lack of his bulge in the front of the jeans that made him look like a girl. Truly, there was no lack of bulge. At most, details may have been obscured due to his extremely tight fitting jeans. Bob of course had to chime in and say that Jake must have a tiny penis. Further Bob said he has to wear women’s jeans and panties because he has no **** or balls. He also added that he was lucky to have what Nina needed. Jake pretended to get angry and decided to use that remark as his time to peal down his tight designer jeans to show everyone the big bulge in the blue Speedo. So, we were all just sitting around having some after diner conversation except Jake who was standing with his jeans down around his knees like a semi-peeled banana. The blue Speedo actually was a great fit for Jake. He was probably a 27 inch waist and the size 26 – 28 inch Speedo was a perfect fit for him. He asked Nina if his penis was small compared to Bob. Nina said without hesitation that Jake looked HUGE compared to Bob. Bob started to argue with Nina and Jake about that not being true. Jake said something like look at your girlfriend Nina. She can’t take her eyes off my bulge. Then Jake pulled off his shirt and said from now on this is my swim suit so Nina can see my **** every time we swim. Jake was playing this very well. He then challenged Bob to pull down his jeans. Bob got so mad that he screamed that if Nina liked staring at Jake’s **** so much, she should just go ahead and **** his brain out. Ride Jake’s **** till her ***** got sore. I started thinking that Bob would probably enjoy seeing Nina get stretched out by a stud like Jake. Nina didn’t immediately follow Bob out of the room. She must have been so taken by the tall, fit, handsome, half naked young man. I guess it helped that he also had a bulge that looked to be bursting out of its confinements very soon. Jake must have been very worked up at this point because he started throbbing as if he were ready to shoot. I thought it went far enough and suggested that Nina should bring Bob back in so we can all apologize and move on. Jake pulled up his jeans and had to lay down again to close and zipper the jeans. The rest of us tried to cheer him on with his task.
This wasn’t the only time I felt it was time to shut Bob up. Once a year or so after college my girlfriend and I were invited on Bob’s family boat. I wore my Speedo under my shorts but once we were on the boat, I sat down next to my girl and we started to make out. Before Bob could get on a bragging roll, my girl had my shirt off of me and kept telling me to take off my baggy shorts. This got the attention of Nina and Bob. Bob had to actually stop bragging when Nina said that she hoped I had something on under my shorts and that it wasn’t that kind of boat party. I stood up and said let’s see what under the shorts. Because I was making out with my honey, I was fully erect and pulsing. I revealed my Speedo and both girls started to kid around and make a mad flutter of hands all over my body. Bob got very quiet and didn’t even look to see what the girls were doing. He just went to the front of the ship to keep our course. I was pretending like I was being violated against my will and both girls increased their slutty talk and actions. I had to pretend it was a big game so my girlfriend wouldn’t get upset. During the molestation Nina had several times grabbed my balls and stroked my ****. They both were continuing their **** talk and I heard Nina say something about how my wide **** probably couldn’t even fit in their tight little love channels. My girl said that they just have to try and squeeze it in regardless of how ******* tight the fit is. This was the mood aboard ship for the whole afternoon. Just me and my two abusive *****. Bob was totally ignored while I got my occasional slap on my *** or squeeze on my bulge or some sort of sexual abuse.
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funny story most my BFs just wear speedos to swim.... I mean like it was normal cuz it is.