South Beach

Just had to throw a shout out to South Beach as still being the best place to wear your speedo. I spent all weekend in some of my smallest suits without a single weird look. It was awesome. I'd report probably a 30% speedo rate in the resort areas and maybe a 60% speedo rate in the more local and gay sections of south beach. Overall i'd say 40%??? i was pleasantly surprised!
mlockwood mlockwood
31-35, M
4 Responses Sep 18, 2012

How small WAS it, Lockwood?

I'd say the beach overall is 20% while the gay section is probably 80% - in South Beach that is!

I was there last year and experienced the same thing--I wore a different speedo each day and didnt feel out of place at all.

cool speedo is starting to get popular on beaches!