My First Speedo

i got my first speedo when i joined the swim team. i was so hard wearing it for the first time that i cummed without touching myself and i decided to wear it the entire day under my shorts as underwear. from that day on i used to look forward to getting new season speedos so i could wear them as underwear on a daily basis. our school gave us 3 practice ones and 3 racing ones. i was in eccestacy....
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18-21, M
3 Responses Jan 7, 2013

Just shopping for a new Speedo makes me hard!

hmm hot reading your story that you put on your speedo and cummed without even touching yourself. Same thing happened to me when i was 12. I was joining the swim team too. Sure didnt know then that just a couple weeks later I would be stealing two boys jock straps. Cummed in them alot after that.

Wearing swim briefs for the first time, especially at your age, will definitely bring on the hard-on. But the more you wear them, the more natural it will seem to you.