When I First Wore A Speedo In Front Of Friends

Since I had lived with the description "husky boy" for my growing up years,I hadn't realized through my years of physical work that bI had developed a pretty good body. Always dressing on the baggy side,though,none of my friends had realized my true body's shape. That ended on afternoon when a couple that was in our group bought a home with a large in-ground pool and decided on a party to "christen" it. I think we were all in our late 20's at the time,but even so none of the guys were very well built and as one byone they took off their outer clothes,they revealed that all of them were wearing those low-hanging board shorts. When I'd finished my 1st beer,after a deep breath,I quickly undressed to show them that I was wearing something quite different. It was about the smallest cut Speedo that they made at the time,bright turquoise with v-shaped,black stripes on it's front and back. Even though I am far from being well-hung,still just seeing the way that these old friends of mine reacted to seeing me so...undressed,gave me an instant hard-on and increased my self-esteem to the point that it was only when I'd gained a bit of weight(in my mid-50's) that I stopped wearing one in public. I still wear them in private,though,and sometimes as everyday underwear.
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2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

I wear my speedo (in Florida) as often as I swim and hit the beach though I have been apprehensive about dropping my shorts in front of - at least some - friends. Others though are fully aware that I'm a speedo guy and most seem to be quite accepting. Good story!

Love to look at guys in one but would never wear one myself, I would be to self conscious