Gradual Change Towards Speedos

(My first story on EP)

I've always been attracted to guys wearing speedos. They were viewed to me as skimpy, fun, fresh, and for young guys who were bold, fearless, and all man. I've loved seeing men in speedos when watching bodybuilders flex their muscles at Venice Beach, Ca.

But I was an overweight child who developed major body complex issues from family and society at large (no pun intended) so I never pursued wearing them. However, I still stated at the hot men and boys wearing them, one day wishing I would wear them. I was relegated to wearing big board shorts & I was not happy.

I decided to experiment with Speedos when I was 18 years old & my parents went out of town for the weekend. I had the house to myself. There was a neighbor who was old, pale, pudgy, but wore the 1" bikini style Speedos to the pool. I was immediately hooked to them so why not get inside them through my neighbor. I eventually seduced him & I went to his apartment. He couldn't get it up but he got me off. I was wearing bikini underwear during all of this & he told me we could swap. He would give me his Speedo & I'd give him my used striped bikini underwear.

When I tried it on I felt like heaven. The mobility, the confidence, the strength was what washed over me. Granted I was overweight at the time but I felt like I could rock it.

Ever since then I would buy a pair of Speedos & tan & swim with them on whenever no one was around. I did have a semi embarrassing experience with them when I wore them to a public pool involving wearing a Speedo but not shaving/ trimming my pubes.

And when I went to Brasil to study abroad, I wore speedos everywhere. That country and its men know the usefulness, cheekiness (more puns), and sexy look a Speedo gives for a person.

I own a lot of Speedos of different varieties ad while I'm slimmer now than before, I get conscience like the fat kid looking afar, longing to wear a Speedo.

Thank you for reading
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3 Responses Apr 3, 2013

You are really in for a treat when you graduate to panties. they are so much more comfortable and a lot more color choices and styles

I threw all my dork shorts in the trash ( I only had 1 pair anyway). I wish more guys would have an open mind to AT LEAST TRY wearing them. I wear mine all the time to the beach and wont turn back!

I agree, any guy who has never worn a Speedo does not know what he is missing.

It's great that Speedos were an incentive for you to get in shape! (See, people! Speedos are GOOD for your health!)

I agree with you 100%

it is the truth... who doesn't want to be healthy and sexy?