Aussiebums Ordered!

New Aussiebum Ordered My beachwear collection has somewhat depleted since my poolwear has lasted all year long (my poolwear eventually becomes my beachwear in some cases however my respective Finis and Turbo water polo suits keep on ticking). So, I figured to just get a new beach speedo and ordered another Aussiebum.

The sides are a little longer than I've been wearing for the past couple years but the style and design are both nice. Plus, the price (including shipping) was $10! Bonus!
SwimmerBud SwimmerBud
36-40, M
2 Responses Oct 30, 2013

I just ordered my first pair of aussiebums...really looking forward to recieving them.

"classic" model in blue with the wider sides. They look so silky..MMMmmm nice!

How'd you get it for such a great price?