Lighten Up People, Speedos Should Be In

    Speedos are one of the most misconstrued articles of clothing that has been mocked for what seems forever. All I hear are the jokes about how they are for certain groups of society, this and that.

     They are very comfortable to wear and may different styles. One of the great things about the internet is the many places you can shop for these suits, whether it is here in America, Europe or Australia. Unfortuately, they are unpopular here in the States. 

     Don't get me wrong, men who wear them should be in good shape, not have a tire in the middle or excessive baggage. A man has to work hard to wear these, jogging, the gym etc.

    I am bothered by the double standard for the sexes in swimwear. Women can wear thong biknis and small suits and yes, that is great to look at, I will look at this like any man. But if a man wears a speedo and is in good shape, he is assumed to be gay or some loser. Let people wear what they want to wear, it is so ridiculous the standards and garbage jokes I hear about these "banana hammocks" for men.

   Does a man have to go to the Caribbean or southern Europe to wear a speedo? I went to Florida several years ago and wore one and got the nastiest looks from people and one woman yelled, '"What the hell is that?" 

    I took a trip to a Caribbean island several years ago, I had no problems, you could walk from your hotel room and go to the beach without all the rude comments and sneers. It was a very comfortable atmosphere and relaxing. You could lay on the beach and not have some jerk bother you with their insenstive nonsense.

    I go jogging and bust my tail to wear speedos. I am going to keep wearing them on my vacations. I support the men on here who have the courage to wear them and thanks to the women who believe it is okay to wear them. I actually saw a reality show on Trutv "Rehab",where one of the waitresses at the resort in Las Vegas, Julia, was glad to see men wearing the speedo so she could see the package, thanks to her for seeing the right side of the debate, I only wish more women agreed with her. Thanks for reading this post.

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I love seeing a fit guy wearing a speedo on the beach. I only wish more men would wear them. I finally got my husband to try wearing them when we would vacation at the beach. He had been hesitant for so many years. He worked on getting in to excellent shape; 6-pack abs, defined pecs, 33 inch waist, muscular (but not overly) legs, buff arms, so now he is "eye candy" in his speedos. He feels so good about himself and is very confidant now that he's in such great shape! I applaud him for the hard work he put in to getting fit. He says he never, ever thought he would wear a speedo (in public) and feels very comfortable and doesn't care what people say or think. I will say, as his wife that he "fills" his speedo very well and looks very sexy and HOT at 38 years of age. In fact he looks FINE, and I am not jealous of others (women, and even men) checking him out.

I started wearing them 6 yrs ago and i am all for the speedo I always worked out weight in at 171 lbs 5' 9" and use to compete in triathalons 52 yrs of age and its the most confortable swimwear to wear without going nude my wife hates it. so I brought three speedos the only thing that made we wait so long to have the guts to wear them was that I am a little small in the pkg dept but have a six pack and cut up no fat at all all pure wife feels that only people on swim teams has a reason to wear them and that people will think your gay from wearing them on the beach in America.

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I love wearing speedos to that's all I own for swimming and on the beach here across all Europe they are excepted and women like them to I always feel relaxed and comfortable in my speedos

I agree with you. Speedos are the best.

Hi ! I live in what you would think of as a remote part of Australia. Our swimming is done in one of three lakes. We all sort of know everyone around. The guys all wear speedos when they bother to wear anything. City people come out here and swim in what we think of as trousers. Weirdest thing I ever seen,

It's really to bad that men in the USA are expected to wear the dork shorts. I took a job in europe 3 years ago just because I cannot go to the beach wearing normal swim wear in the USA. How do we ever get the mindset of the USA to lighten up and allow us normal freedoms.

Guys...just wear what you feel most comfortable wearing.
Personally, I love to wear my bikini swimwear and over the years have tried many.
I'll give all you guys a bit of advise though...get your suits custom made at You won't be disappointed whatsoever.
I have a large collection of custom made bikinis and this is by far the best place to get them.

I totally agree with your post. I have posted before about male American's repressed attitudes about their bodies. Yes, men applaud when a women on the beach sports a scant swimsuit, But, they jeer at a male that does the same. What a double standard. This is definitely a North American phobia. Go to any beach in Europe and you will see as many Speedo style swim suits as anything else. And, no one seems to care or notice.

For me it's all about comfort. I don't really like Speedos since my body proportions are just not right, I have a small waist but larger rear and legs. I'm in great shape, just years of lifting and the Army running, well I'm basically a 35 waist but with 40" waist legs and Speedos just don't fit. I do love Jockey's European line of briefs tho, check into them. They are roomie in the pouch area so you actually can move and the boyz hang more relaxed too-not all smashed up. They are low cut and fit more easily,..., like your favorite pair of underwear/briefs, yet are swim suits-drawstrings and less than suits in the States. I definately get looks at teh pools and beaches I have worn them at the apast month! Bought my Jockey suit from Britain for like $38 and that included shipping for a really sleek yet roomie brief suit. It is funny that you tell so much truth in your story here. If you go to any department store and look at the Summer sale racks in the men's dept. you'll be hard pressed to find a brief style of men's swim suit there! They sell like crazy and yet "nobody" wears them! HOOOT!<br />
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be good-S in SC (yah wear a brief style suit on the SC beaches-you'll get looks, mostly not good ones! LOL!!!)

I agree with much of what you say. I'm lucky to live in South Florida. I, like you, will not wear them locally where I'll see people that I know. However, I'm able to head a little south to other beaches where I wear my speedo. Sorry you had a bad experience in Florida. If you go anywhere from Fort Lauderdale to Miami, you'll see tons of guys wearing speedos. Especially Miami. I love staying at Miami hotels and hanging out by the pools. Usually 50% or more are wearing speedos. This allows me to get even more daring and wear speedos with the lining cut out, so that I can really show off my package. A lot of women seem very appreciative to see my package in my speedo. Especially the women that are vacationing. It's a lot of fun to parade around the pool in front of them. It gets me quite excited and it shows! Nothing better!

I'm with you -- every word.

Oh my God...I am Italian and came across this "Speedo American Issue" on the stupid really! In Italy a lot of men wear these (I do as well and a am not an Homosexual!)...we call them Slip and surely are the best bathing suits ever...what's the trouble of an US man to show his legs? Are you living in Victorian times? I find those board trousers very uncomfortable...

I love it when someone says something obnoxious or cute when I'm with a friend in a Speedo. I love it!!! I may even interrupt what I'm doing long enough to give him a kiss..... Then he could tell her, "That, madam, was a kiss, a very sweet kiss!" <br />
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ha ha

' woman yelled, '"What the hell is that?" '<br />
<br />
Ha ha, when I read that I just about died laughing! Come on,you could have said something like, "Please,don't make fun of's all I've got!!!" Guys who wear Speedos a lot just know how to answer, or blow it off, or....say something cute or...

all the rude comments and sneers are what make wearing Speedos fun. PS, I wear the crossback racer. Do you think I'm immune from comments, sneers and queer looks? Who cares, I love it when women imply imma ***** for wearing my favorite competition speedo racer. Their just jealous!!!

Last year, I went alone on vacation at a private condo with a patio deck overlooking the ocean. It had the recliner chairs, tables, and what-have-you and was of course outside the back door which is near the refrigerator. I digress.<br />
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My first day out, I wore a Speedo Solar 1" suit and laid out enjoying the sun, reading a book, and simply relaxing when two women came out snickered and looked again. Their husbands or boyfriends trailed behind them. I don't know if it was ridicule or they liked it but in any case, I just looked up from my book and smiled and went back to reading.<br />
<br />
That was the only time that I heard anything. The rest of the time, I would be out, and no one seemed to care.<br />
<br />
For what it's worth, I'm not a gym person but have a naturally slim body, not skinny, just slim. Every woman I've been with in the past has preferred it over anything else. They loved the eye-candy I provided and loved for others to see what they had.<br />
<br />
So this year, as in every year, I'll be going to some beach somewhere with my collection of swimsuits (not a boardshort in the bunch) with another book and enjoying a small slice of paradise.

I certainly would not be embarrassed wearing speedos. Some speedos do have elastic around the waist and legs that can be somewhat snug. I have worn speedos a lot but recently have been wearing Levi's shorty shorts (junior size 7) to avoid the elastic. They are the best swimming suit I have ever had. It is too bad swimming suits are required in the first place. Recently I have been wearing white Levi's 501s to keep warm because the heater has not been working in the cold indoor pool where I regularly go. I never did like board shorts but I suppose many would not like swimming in jeans either.

I had some shout "whoa, Speedos!" at me when I went into the pool at an Orlando, FL hotel. I don't know if he was being nasty -- he was with a group of male and female friends who seemed to find the joke in anything, given how much they were laughing. So I can't say it was necessarily disapproval or cloaked admiration. But it still seemed unnecessary.

It's cloaked admiration for sure. If you look good in Speedos - what's not to admire or envy?

He probably just had an ego the size of a basket ball and an ability the size of a peanut, so he felt compelled to say something "witty" to pad his oversized ego. What's more he probably could not swim as well as a hippopotamus.

It may have seemed rude, but that's only how you interpreted a very sweet compliment! Like, "Whoa, baby, watch out, that guys HOT!!!" LOL It was just a sweet compliment. After you wear revealing swimwear a lot you love them as well.

Im a bigger guy my self and i live in the US i wear my speedo proudly and love them

I know quite a few women who like seeing them too, but pretend not to. Of course, everyone hates a flabby body in them!

If your a woman, to droll over a guy in a Speedo is poor form. Women tend to be far more discerning than men. When was the last time you heard a woman whistle at a good looking guy? Not in our society....

Actually happened to me once. Really turned me on. :)

Are you sure that woman yelling "what the hell is that?" was directing it at you? It is easy to take things the wrong way if you're feeling a too self conscious. Bizarrely a lot of women still haven't come to terms with the fact that men have external genetalia. Their blatant ignorance is to be pitied not accommodated - so your answer to her should have been along the lines of "WHAT THE **** DO YOU THINK IT IS? - MORON" Anyone else who has a problem with Speedos is just admitting that they have huge issues - you really shouldn't let it bother you. There was a time not too long ago when it was considered weird not to wear Speedos and it will be this way again in future as long as we don't give in to this tide of anti-male bullshit. A guy wearing Speedos - a loser??? you're kidding me? Since when have shyness and self consciousness been manly qualities??? Go figure who the real losers are....

Of course, a cute response would have been, "Are you referring to my Speedo, or what's inside?" If you'd said that she would have probably turned ten shades of red.... LOL

It's true about the general feeling for speedos about being gay or not part of the fashion brigade. I live in the UK and here that attitude persists. I have some very skimpy speedos which I wear whenever I can but abroad! I still get anxious if I wear skimpy speedos to gym saunas or pools here. My current speedo for this type of place in the UK is a navy blue adidas suit with 3cm sides but its a bit old now and I can't find similar ones anymore. Adidas and Speedo seem to have made them wider.

Try AussieBum in Sidney Australia. They ship worldwide and you can order from the comfort of your own computer chair. What's more they have an excellent return / exchange policy if you wind up with something you don't quite like as well as you thought you might.

After swimming for years in speedo style suits, I stopped by a lake near where I was working on the way home one summer afternoon. I did not have a swimsuit with me, and was wearing boardshorts. I had no intention of going in swimming that day, but I bumped into a friend from work and he insisted that I join him swimming out to the rafts far from the beach. So I obliged and joined him. What a shock it was for me as I dragged that mass of sopping fabric around with me! It seemed like I was dragging an army tent with me as I swam. So I don't really give a hoot what "society" thinks of speedos. If the politically correct want to wear an army tent to swim in, fine with me. I'll take my speedo any day. BTW: I am an excellent swimmer and learned to swim from an outstanding instructor in an all summer long class. She actually recommended that the boys in her class wear speedos to allow them to optimize their swimming style and speed. I took her advise, and am glad I did.

Speedoa are just swimsuits. Those with hangups about wearing speedos or other men who wear speedos (yes we straight me wear them too) are just hiding the fact that they are uncomfortable with who they are as a person. Wear what you want but don't criticize others for wearing what they want to wear is my opinion. It's just like saying men who shower in communal showers after a swim are gay. Uh no we're not. We're getting the chlorine off of our body!

I just cannot understand why anyone would want bags of cloth round their knees when swimming, the less the better. As for the appearance of baggy shapeless shorts -- what a mess, especially when wet. Luckily, plenty ofm en wear speedo-style swimsuits in Europe, even though the shops have been trying to persuade us to follow American fashion.

I just cannot understand why anyone would want bags of cloth round their knees when swimming, the less the better. As for the appearance of baggy shapeless shorts -- what a mess, especially when wet. Luckily, plenty ofm en wear speedo-style swimsuits in Europe, even though the shops have been trying to persuade us to follow American fashion.

i agree, there is no problem wearing speedos, they are comfortable and sexy ;)

I am 18 years old and live in California. I wear speedos when ever a swimsuit is required. I know what you mean, every time I go to the beach all the guys are wearing boardshorts. However I believe fashion comes around. Boardshorts are becoming shorter and swimsuits continue to become smaller. People follow trends. If you guys are interested I run a men's swimsuit fashion blog ( and a flickr group ( I believe if we are the change we want to see people will follow.

That's what makes Europeans that much more appealing!

As a european woman, I love to see a man in speedos, much sexier than shorts, sexier than naked too, and yes that applies to larger men too.