Im 32 and i have a 10 year old boy, we boy wear speedos to the pool and beach. I dont see the problem with them. My sons loves them and wont wear board shorts at all. Some people have asked me well you shouldnt let him wear them because when he gets out of the water there going to stick to his crotch and *** i said ok so what water does that. Why is america so upset over speedos women can wear bikinis and its ok even though there breats and nipples and camel toes slighty show, what a double standard
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Good for you both, although at that age kids aren't too self aware and his attitude towards Speedos will probably change as he gets older and is subjected to peer pressure etc. (hopefully not though).It seems that parents are quite happy to let their pre-teen boys wear speedos on the beach - it's only later that the practice of covering the lower body seems to be compulsory - like some kind of teenage male version of the burkah.

When I was growing up, we simply didn't have that option. Everyone wore Speedos, it was the only kind of swimwear available to buy in the shops. If anyone had turned up to the pool or beach wearing long shorts - they would have been laughed out of town and ridiculed mercilessly forever more probably. Not just because the aesthetic would have looked ridiculous at the time, but because there would have been the perceived notion that you thought you had something to hide and shyness was very much frowned upon....For me the die was cast when one day I confided in my older brother that I didn't necessarily feel all that comfortable wearing such a brief costume in public. The tirade of verbal abuse and ridicule I consequently received, from my brother and his friends and eventually my dad - along the lines of "Get out there and stop being such a f**king Sissy" left little doubt in my mind that Speedos were the way to go....

We've gotten ourselves into a rut with this double standard. The long short "fashion" for men has been in place for at least 25 years. Culturally now, straight men, it seems are just not allowed to dress in a way that accentuates their bodies, without being accused of being gay. We apparently have to wear the biggest, baggiest, plainest form-hiding clothes, which many women pretend to love. The reality is that these women don't like men to be objectiveised or admired - they want all the physical admiration for themselves - that's why it is still ok for them to show off their bodies by wearing skimpy, revealing outfits and swimwear.... but not for us.This not only plays right into the hands of innate male insecurity which results in a viscious circle of homophobic self loathing, but it cements sexist attitudes towards women in the wider society. How often do you hear this one: "No matter what a woman achieves, she is always judged on her looks". And this is true, but is it really any wonder?

The only way to deal with this ridiculous situation is to stick two fingers up to the world and wear what the hell you want. If you want to dress sexy - then do it!!!. If you can stand the initial wave of ridicule (much of which is only perceived anyway), you will find that thereafter all you get is admiration - however cloaked it may be. When I go to my health club, I catch other guys clocking me in my Speedos and the next time I see them....... guess what they are wearing? Just remember, only REAL men wear Speedos - Shyness and modesty are not manly qualities......

<p>My sister has two boys 10 and 12, and they both wear and love Speedos and any other bikini-style swimwear and underwear. They both will not wear boardshorts or regular boxers or briefs. Personally, I think they look so much nicer this way and the boys love the fit and how they look and feel. So what if their bits show? All boys have their natural equipment, and no need to hide it, right? I would like to hear from other likeminded moms about their views on this. I can't see why anyone wants boxers or boardshorts anyway.</p> Speedos or bikinis on boys DON"T imply gayness, just comfort without hiding things.

I am not a mum but I always get my bro to wear them at the beach. He was the first one but others are doing the same now.

Yeah, I also enjoy being the only guy wearing my sexy speedos. I always get good looks and smiles from women and flirt with a few of the lady lifeguards at my local public pool---one is very attractive and grins and blushes when I chat with her poolside. Pose and be proud!

If someone told me I couldn't wear a bikini and had to wear a wedding dress in a pool I would laugh. You guys should just laugh at people that think you should wear trousers to swim. They got over that idea first in about 1890 or something. Maybe corsets and hooped skirts will come back into fashion to go with the swimming trunks.

I think you and your son must be cute. Little boys tend to love them before they reach adolescence, so if they find them comfortable and get in the habit by then, they generally don't care much and aren't self aware of it at all. Young men who all self-conscious when they join a swim club used to become desensitized as well. Nowadays though fewer swim clubs and teams wear the traditional Speedos. More wear a modified longer nylon board short type cover, or even the longer shark skins.<br />
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I would like to see that standard reversed so that the Speedo became the Standard suit, again! Then everyone would be on an equal footing, and it would be fair, and everyone could enjoy some good looking athletic young men.

Great comments by all. I luv the speedos, they are great no drag in the water. So what about our legs and bulges we was born with them, so what. You and your son should continue and enjoy your swimming, and you should both be proud to be sharing quality time together and stuff all the snobs. You need to make sure your son does not get effected by this type of thing and he can be relaxed and continue to wear the speedos of his choice and not get infected by others and their weird views. Well done.

I agree with the last 2 comments, sometimes when you are the only one in a pool wearing a speedo you feel a little uneasy but as you walk in front of everyone you dont care what they think and you just you what you wanna do.

I actually get a kick out of being the only guy at the pool, sauna, steam room or even the beach - wearing Speedos. Yeah I love being the only guy with REAL confidence who isn't terrified of his own body...

Good point by Switched2, in that Speedos do tap deep into someone's self-consciousness, even if they're fit. Most people, guys especially, just won't walk outside that box and risk that sense of public exposure. As much as I love Speedos and wear them myself, I have experienced that same nervous sense of self-awareness and how others would think of me.

The biggest problem is personal. Most people are more concerned about what others (even unknown) think of them; more than they think of themselves. Fit or not, there is a Speedo style that will accentuate your male physique. In time, friends know you and will get used to it and who cares what others think?

I agree

There really is a double standard. No doubt about it. Male legs = icky and evil, female legs = bare as much as possible, or so goes the thinking. What's so macho about covering up one's legs in board shorts and long socks? It makes you look like an insecure, bashful dweeb. I don't buy it that it's just a fashion phase, because it's been going on too long now.<br />
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It'd be nice if we stopped sexual discrimination against BOTH sexes and realized that everyone has legs and that they have a right to show those legs off.

Hey, that is exactly my experience. As a lifeguarde at Lake Michigan when I was there, we all wore speedo-type trunks or suits. No messing around by being slow. Also a 4 mile swim was a qualifier, among other things.

Good on you and your son my thinking on the subject how can you swim with baggy shorts wrapped round you legs, I go to Florida every year and wear my speedos on the beach i have several pairs in bright colours more and more men are wearing speedos to the beach now . maybe kids will see how silly they look in long shorts which look like they have been made from mums old curtains.

I think that now it's because many menswear designers wanted to come out with something new and different so they invented the totally stupid boardshorts that a pair of high top socks would completely cover all of the male leg. It reminds me of the way women were forced to dress for the beach at the turn of the 20th century. I mean what's next? Will we be forced into wearing loose fitting swim dresses and bloomers? I applaud you and your son's courage to wear what feels good and is comfortable to swim in. Because we are males are we not supposed to have some sort of bulge showing between our legs or are we supposed to be the department store mannequins of old. Which, BTW, are now updated with noticeable bulges!

We think of the Victorian era as being the time that invented uber-modesty and covering up the human form completely (even statues of naked figures were covered up). But what most people don't realise is that even in that stifling environment, men used to swim completely naked in public! It was the women who had to wear full length dresses to swim in! and this was considered normal.... how things have changed?

Trouble these days is everyone seeks everyone elses approval for everything they do. Like a bunch of mindless sheep or sheeple they look around at what everyone else is doing and assume that they must do the same thing or they will be rejected. Like who cares? Frankly I take it as a badge of honor to be rejected by snooty people who think that only THEY are the smartest, coolest and most enlightned people in the room. They almost never are!