My First Pair (since I Was A Kid)....

I love the idea and the humiliation of being seen naked or partly exposed by others- especially as I have quite a small penis. My gf said that I would look good in a pair of Speedos, so I decided I needed to get some! Embarrasingly, the first time I actually managed to find one when was when I was accompanying my gf and one of her best friends on a shopping trip. I popped into the shop to look at their selection, and both girls came into the shop with me, and started looking through the selection of trunks! A lot of them were very skimpy, and they were both laughing at the idea of me having to wear them. My gf's friend said they looked like knickers (panties) for swimming, which added to the embarrassment!

Eventually I found a pair I liked- a tiny pair of skintight little shorts that leave very little to the imagination! My gf absolutely loves them- but I'm still yet to try them out at the time of writing this!

Will have to soon though- will keep you posted!

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As small as you are you should look for women's bikini bottoms. You will find they fit much better... Mine is just 6" (may be strange, but I wish it was smaller) and I can wear them without a problem...

Once I was at a swim meet and saw an older teen boy with the smallest package i've ever seen. It actually looked like a woman's vigina, a "camel toe". I would have loved to stare at him but didn't want to be caught watching.... God was it a turn on!!!

OMG, just go with your GF somewhere and just wear them!!! You'll love them, I can tell it already . OBTW, so will she... I hate to tell you though, the more you wear them, the less embarrassed you will be. Eventually there just 'normal' and your girlfriend will have a cute new friend to take her to the beach!

It's such a thrill to see the looks and ex<x>pressions of people who see the tiny little bulge in my speedos. It's a fantastic turn-on!!!

Hi guys- thanks for your comments! I have gone swimming a few times wearing them, and really enjoyed it! I'm even planning on going later on today! I've written about some of the times I've gone now in some of my other experiences... enjoy!

This is not my site, It is my husbands, but we also love the idea and embarrassment of people looking at him in speedos. we love going shopping to find them and on websites to buy them, we get such a thrill out of it. when we're on holiday my husband loves it if he see's other people looking at him in speedos. He gets such a thrill from it, and the smaller he looks in them the more he enjoys wearing and people looking at him. so we think you should go for and not worry over what people may think.