Steel Tips On Wooden Floorboards

I love the way a my shoes and boots which have a stiletto heel seems to make my legs look attractive, they do make my feet ache though and at 5'10", i look even taller!! This can be a disadvantage and an advantage.  
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hi i love to hear the cliking and cruching wane i walk in my stlettows heels it is like im killing the grand i walk on the power is intoxicating i love it.

I have had a stiletto crush fetish since I was 5yrs. old. It is so-ooo!!! sexy to watch a lady wearing her sexy stilettos either accidently or on purpose to crush something beneath her tiny heel!!! I love to see the damage they can do!!! LOL I am sure his fingers would be lucky to be crushed beneath your heel,because I am sure they make you feel so sexy,beautiful,and give you an ultra power trip!!!! Also,I love to hear stories of women stepping on things with their sexy stilettos!! Please share with me your experiences of stepping on something.

My wife has a pair of steel spike heel thigh boots the sound of the heels as she walks makes most men look but i have seen what she can do with her steel spikes she made me watch as she went to work on my car with her boots, she burst the tyres ripped the seats dented & even made holes in the bodywork. She had these boots made the heels are not much thicker than a nail & made from very hard steel she loves to wear them on a polished wooden floor & discreetly distroy it, she said her boots give her a great fealing of power

Same here, my gf wears metal tips heels all the time. The noise is very cool. I noticed that metal tips leave occasionally quite deep dents on flooring types like wood, linoleum etc... I quite like when she leaves those dents... She doesn't seem to notice though.... I've seen her leave prints in many public places but also a few times on wood floors at places we go to....

Sounds painful. Bones snapping isn't such an erotic sound as heels on a wooden floor.

I would love you to crush out my fingers like a cigarette into the floor with your boot

Yes, i agree, my feet enjoy a lot of attention.

Ah! Another foot fan. Good.

I do too but i like to take them off, they murder my

I love the way they make my calves look.