First Time In Heels

When I was very young I recall my mom would take off her heels and leave them in the living room. Some times I would put them on just like a little girl as they were far to large for me at that time. Later I recall going to a shoe store with her. She was shopping for some new high heels,she picked a pair of black patent pumps, they had 3 inch heels. I watched as the salesman slipped them on her feet. She then got up to look at them in the mirror. I admired the way they shined as she turned to see them in the mirror. She wore stockings with seams ,and as I watched her I thought how pretty her legs looked in those heels and hose, just like a movie star.I couldn't help but wounder how it must feel to wear such pretty things, It wasn't to much later I remember my sister getting her first high heels ,She was about 16 yrs old ,the were black leather with 2 1/2 in. spike heels, One day I was home alone, I went into her room to try them on,I had already removed my shoes and socks in my room so I could slip them on as soon as I could. I can still recall the way they seamed to fit as if they were made for me. I stood up to discover how it seamed to shift my stance,I then walked down the hall so I could see them in the mirror to admire them. As I walked to the mirror I could hear the heels clicking on the wood as I walked. I thought I did a good job walking in them, probably from watching my sis and mom walking in theirs. I decided right then and there I would do this again as often as the opportunity would present itself. I was hooked,no turning back.I always envied my sister for being able to wear those heels anytime she wanted,it just didn't seem fair.All is well now as I can wear my heels to my hearts content these days
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Your story has a common familiarity for many teenagers. Yes, even guys have wanted to step out in heels as they matured, but sadly the social attitudes made it seem degrading, when all it is to choose your own adornments from the selection of attire available. Things generally have no stereotyping designation, except by the man-made ideals society decided to create. Men and women often have the same desires, but it's the fallout that society bring to their status that makes them deny or internalize their desires. Understanding this would go a long way to better relationships between men and women.

Thats cool and happy you feel comfortable wearing them as often as you like. My situation was similar. It took me awhile to start wearing heels as well, but once I did there was no turning back! I order most of my shoes from this great site You should give them a look great styles, prices, and their customer service is excellent!

Great story I also love my Stilettos ! My parents were very old fashioned , Luckily my sister was 4 years older tham me and at 15 she took me to a shoe shop where we spent ages trying on shoes ! She actually bought my first pair of Stilettos for me and kept them with her shoes. I had my first boyfriend at the time, Iwell remember using my sisters make up and putting on my lovely 3in black patent shoes to meet my boyfriend !

Great story. I know what you mean about it not seeming fair when your sister can wear them whenever she wants!

Love heels, always have. It is a great story Conny. Thanks for sharing. XxX Akwagrll