Way Back When I Was A Kid I Always Wanted To Touch, Look At And Eventually Wear Women's Panties

I loved it. I used to read the Sears Catalog and dream of wearing them. In middle school, I actually was so bold as to try on my friends sister's panties. They were even dirty; it's disgusting to think of now. I loved them. Loved them so much. It was a huge rush and I couldn't wait to do it again and again which I did when went downstairs to the laundry room while no one was around. I later progressed to wearing his mom's underwear. She was a pretty MILF, I guess, and she had these lacy string bikini panties. I would steal them and then wear them out in the woods. I was always dreaming of time when I could find a girlfiend who liked me doing this. I was not ************ yet; that didn't come (no pun intended) until about 21. One time I wore her panties running and I ran down to girls house who I had a crush on. No one was home and I tooke off my panties and wrote how much I loved the girl on them and hung them on the back door. I am sure this probably was waaay creepy for the girl and her mother.


Eventually i progressed thru wearing men's string bikini's, stealing them from dryers at college, and infrequently wearing my girlfriends (who was not interested in this). Finally i bought some from a department store. This was  cycle of binge and purge. I would go buy them, wear them and ********** with them for a few weeks and then in a fit of severe shame and depression, I would throw them away. It was start all over again after a few months or when summer came along. I just would like to find a woman who find it attractive to see a string bikini on very fit guy. I would love that.



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Mar 10, 2010